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Sunday, April 23, 2006
Have You Tried It?
Recently, I learned about a fantastic desktop tool, Yahoo Widgets. It works for both PC and Mac and best of all, it's free. I have it on all of my computers now, including at work. It can notify me of new mail in my Yahoo inbox, keep track of my appointment book, check the weather, view my Flickr photos and even keep track of the local traffic cameras. That came in handy last week when an employee of mine tried to tell me she was late due to traffic on a certain side of town. I brought her in to my office and pointed out the live traffic cams on my desktop. I can also control my ITunes, track the position of the sun and the moon, check the status of my laptop batter and wireless network strength. There are widget add-ons for just about any interest you may have. An example of what the Yahoo Widgets looks like on my desktop. I have more Widgets open than I would normally.
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