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Saturday, January 28, 2006
Saturday 8
saturday-8 :: family, dying, and life
slightly morbid this week, but definitely reflective... 1. whose funeral did you first attend? I've never gone to a funeral. 2. whose wedding did you first attend? My Aunt Kathleen's wedding 3. whose funeral did you last attend? I haven't been to one. 4. whose wedding did you last attend? My partner's co-worker Lisa; I'd never met her before. 5. right now, i'm at mr. laura's parents', and we're waiting for his grandfather to pass. he's been in hospice for two weeks, and just seems to be hanging on & on. have you had a relative with a prolonged death? Yes, my Uncle Sami 6. as i've gotten older, i don't fear death. i look forward to going quickly and/or quietly. what are your feelings on your own dying? I don't fear my death at all, it is a part of life. It is funny how we all live like we aren't going to die, when in reality we are all going to. I feel sad for those left behind when I'm gone, but not for me. 7. if you're married, was your wedding what you'd imagined? why or why not?- if you're not married, describe your 'ideal' wedding. It was what I had imagined. 8. what are your thoughts on assisted suicide? yay or nay if the situation warrants? I find it to be an acceptable option if the situation warrants. My friend's father was diganosed with terminal metastisized lung cancer. Instead of having his family watch him suffer and die slowly, he took a gun and shot himself in the head. She felt he took the brave way out to spare his family. I don't necessarily agree with that view, but I can see why he did it. I can't see something like that as an option for me, but I wouldn't judge or deny someone else the right to choose.
Saturday 8
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Question of the Day Part I and II
Old West If you lived in the Old West, what do you think your occupation would have been? I'd be someone like Miss Kitty- behind the bar serving up whiskey, smiles and sass... Postage Stamp If you were to issue a new postage stamp, who or what would you put on it? I love trees and take photos of them, so I'd want one of my photos.
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The Saturday Six
1. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital? I went to see my Uncle Sami who was very seriously ill. He died shortly thereafter. I have a very serious latex allergy so I avoid going to hospitals if all possible. 2. How many jobs have you held in your life? How many of those were part of your chosen career field? 9 jobs in all, 5 in my career field 3. Of those, how many did you leave voluntarily? all of them. 4. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What animal were you in a past life? (Thanks to RedSneakz!)
You Were a Polar Bear
A bit of a loner, you enjoy introspection and solitude. You are a fighter, and you will seek revenge on those who harm you.
What Animal Were You In a Past Life?
5. What animal were you expecting you'd be? a giraffe 6. Time to pull this tactic again: Your turn to come up with a Reader's Choice Question. What question would you like to see asked in a future edition of "The Saturday Six?" (Don't answer it...Just provide the question.) Do you prefer watching television over surfing the internet?
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Never Too Old
When I was young we had a 95th birthday party for my great-grandfather. I was only about 5 years old at the time, but I have some vivid memories of the day. All of my family was there, aunts, uncles, cousins and of course my parents and siblings. My grandmother and grandfather hosted the event at their house. My dad had stayed up all night the night before the party to roast a hog in honor of his grandfather. My dad is a champion hog roaster. This skill involves persistence and the ability to wake up at intervals throughout the night to turn the pig as necessary. It also involves copious amounts of beer, both to pour over the pig and for said roaster to drink. As it was the 1970's, and the heart of the Midwest- my best guess is that the beer was PBR- Pabst Blue Ribbon. Great-grandfather's favorite part of the pig was the sweet-meats. Ugh- makes me sick just to think about it. Second best in his opinion was the "cracklings"- the crisp bits of the skin, most likely made crispier due to the plentiful quantities of PBR doused over the roasting hog. The day of the party, my grandmother brings out this cake for her father. I don't know who had the idea to get this cake for my great-grandfather, but I was captivated. Out rolls this cake, some kind of 3 dimensional cake I couldn't have ever imagined. It was a woman in a bikini with huge breasts made of mounds of rounded cake. Great-grandfather's wife Mabel kept yelling in his ear, "it's a woman, Arthur, it's a woman." He finally looks at the cake, looks back to Mabel and says plain as day, "I know Mabel, I'm not that old!" Even at 5 I knew something hysterically comic when I heard it. I wish I could find a picture of that cake. I spent the rest of the day playing with my clackers and thinking what a shame it was we actually had to cut up that divine cake. For those of you who don't know what clackers are- they're 2 glass balls hooked together by a string. You clack the balls together by holding the top of the string and bobbing your hand up and down. Pure entertainment to a 5-year-old, pure hell to all adults in a 100 foot range of said clacking.
this is an audio post - click to playa very subdued audio clip of clackers- it doesn't truly illustrate the volume and annoying nature.
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20 Years Ago Today
It's what is known as a defining moment. You know where you were when you first heard of it. I recall the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded. I was in high school, sitting in English class when somehow the news came in. We stopped whatever we were doing and discussed the events that were occurring. The teacher was crying, as were several of my classmates. The teacher took it particularly hard as she felt a kinship of sorts with Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher and civilian in space. All 7 crew members were killed when the still intact crew compartment collided with the surface of the ocean. Fragments of the Challenger were recovered from the ocean floor and washed up on Florida beaches. President Ronald Reagan said that evening in his speech to the nation, " We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and "slipped the surly bonds of earth" to "touch the face of God." The memory of that day is seared into the collective consciousness, just like the flaming Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 or President Kennedy's motorcade in Dallas.
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Question of the Day
Most unusual
Tell us what the most unusual thing about yourself is? That is a tough one to come up with... Hmmm..Okay- I've got one, but I don't know how unusual it is. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. Why do I know this, why did I ever attempt such a thing? I've no idea- I've been able to do it for as long as I can recall. What can I say- I lead a boring childhood. And no, I'm not going to post a photo of said unusual "talent".
Question of the Day
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The Great Pretenders
Skin Deep
Assume that you like a tattoo and/or you don’t have any on your skin, but you’re going to get one and that tattoo would symbolize you and/or your life:
What it would be and why? It would be a fleur de lis. I think it is a beautiful symbol and fits right in with my nickname.

I'd much rather have in it in reds than the greens and blues, but you get the general idea.

Where would you put it and why? At first, I wanted it on the back of my neck, but I don't want it to be visible and right now my hair isn't long enough to cover it. So I'd most likely put it way down low on the small of my back.

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Friday, January 27, 2006
Your Personality
If you have some time ( a very, very large amount of time) go ahead and take this personality test. I think you'll find it incredibly accurate. Feel free to post your results in the comments. Have fun!
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The Mechanical Contrivium
Okay, okay- I'll give in to it- Everyone is doing it, it's everywhere, so now it's here too...

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Lisa!

  1. If your ear itches, this means that someone is talking about Lisa!
  2. Most bottles and jars contain at least twenty-five percent recycled Lisa!
  3. American Airlines saved forty thousand dollars a year by eliminating Lisa from each salad served in first class.
  4. It's bad luck for a flag to touch Lisa!
  5. The pharoahs of ancient Egypt wore garments made with thin threads of beaten Lisa!
  6. There are roughly 10,000 man-made objects the size of Lisa orbiting the Earth.
  7. The first American zoo was built in 1794, and contained only Lisa.
  8. All the moons of the Solar System are named after characters from Greek and Roman mythology, except the moons of Uranus, which are named after Lisa!
  9. 68 percent of all UFO sightings are by Lisa.
  10. The smelly fluid secreted by skunks is colloquially known as Lisa!
I am interested in - do tell me about
Number 8 and number 10 are mildly insulting, yet amusing

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Belinda!

  1. Humans have 46 chromosomes, peas have 14, and Belinda has 7.
  2. When provoked, Belinda will swivel the tip of her abdomen and shoot a jet of boiling chemicals at her attacker!
  3. White chocolate isn't technically chocolate, because it doesn't contain Belinda.
  4. Grapes explode if you put them inside Belinda!
  5. Without its lining of Belinda, your stomach would digest itself!
  6. Plato believed that the souls of melancholy people would be reincarnated into Belinda!
  7. Michelangelo finished his great statue of Belinda in 1504, after eighteen months work.
  8. Belinda was first discovered by Alexander the Great in India, and introduced to Europe on his return.
  9. On average, women blink nearly twice as much as Belinda.
  10. Belinda is born white; her pink feathers are caused by pigments in her typical diet of shrimp!
I am interested in - do tell me about
Oh, number 2 is hilarious!

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Ian!

  1. 99 percent of the pumpkins sold in the US end up as Ian!
  2. Ian once came third in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest.
  3. Influenza got its name because people believed the disease was caused by the evil "influence" of Ian.
  4. During severe windstorms, Ian may sway several feet to either side!
  5. The moon is 400 times closer to the Earth than Ian, and 400 times smaller.
  6. The risk of being struck by Ian is one occurence every 9,300 years!
  7. Ian can smell some things up to six miles away!
  8. Only one child in twenty will be born on the day predicted by Ian!
  9. Lightning strikes Ian over seven times every hour!
  10. If a snake is born with two heads, the heads will fight over who gets Ian.
I am interested in - do tell me about
I believe #7, that kid can smell anything.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Gatsby!

  1. It's bad luck to whistle near Gatsby.
  2. Gatsbyology is the study of Gatsby!
  3. It's bad luck to put Gatsby on a bed.
  4. During severe windstorms, Gatsby may sway several feet to either side.
  5. The first domain name ever registered was Gatsby.com!
  6. Bees visit over three million flowers to make a single kilogram of Gatsby!
  7. If the annual Australian Gatsby crop was laid end to end, it would stretch around the world seven times.
  8. Abraham Lincoln, who invented Gatsby, was the only US president ever granted a patent.
  9. It is impossible to fold Gatsby more than seven times.
  10. Gatsby is often used in place of milk in food photography, because milk goes soggy more quickly than Gatsby.
I am interested in - do tell me about
If number 3 is true, we're doomed- she sleeps on Ian's bed every night. Ian and Gatsby really are "siblings" they both have #4
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Music Memoirs Top 5 Friday
Top 5 "Classic Rock" Bands
1. The Beatles
2.The Mamas and The Papas
3.The Doors
4.Creedence Clearwater Revival
5. Steely Dan

Music Memoirs

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Friday Fandango
During your annual gyno exam, your doctor comments on what lovely breasts you have… how implants are becoming so common these days that it's refreshing to see a beautiful woman with her natural breasts. Not sure how to respond, but wanting to be polite, you simply say "Thank You". Later, with your feet resting in stirrups, he says you smell wonderful and asks what perfume you wear. What do you do? A. Rush home to blog about it. B. Look around for the camera. Surely you must be on a new x-rated Candid Camera. C. File a complaint. Sick bastard! D. Tell him what you wear… and then compliment him on something. Maybe he'll ask you out. Wouldn't it be great to be married to a doctor?! Your friends will be soooo jealous! Ewww! This was making me sick just reading it. That is precisely why I'd never had a male gynocologist. So, obviously my answer would have to be C.
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The Friday Five
1. First time you cooked for someone else? I made spaghetti sauce from scratch for my family when I was about 10. 2. First time you threw up in someone else's toilet? When I was pregnant, I didn't have morning sickness, I had it all day long; so- I threw up at my office, I threw up at the movie theater... you get the drift. 3. First time you did anything illegal? Who, me? I've never done anything illegal. 4. First time you saw snow/the ocean (whichever is more exotic)? The first time I saw the ocean I was about 5 and my whole family went to Florida. 5. First thought when I say "crumple-horned snorcack"? I think of a Dr. Seuss character.
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Question of the Day I and II
Under your bed What is underneath your bed? I don't like to keep anything under my bed at all but right now I have a lock box under there. If I told you what was in there, I'd have to kill you.
Train If you could take the train from anywhere to anywhere, where would 'anywhere' be? I'd take the Orient Express from London to Rome, stopping in Paris, Innsbruck, Verona, Venice and finally Rome.

Question Of The Day

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Top 5 Friday
Other then your current job, what are your Top 5 professions you would rather do? I can guarantee you, my current job is not on my top 5 list! 1. Freelance Photo journalist 2. Fiction Author 3. Tour Guide In Kona, Hawaii 4. Philosopher 5. Movie or Book Critic
Top 5 Friday
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Free For All Friday
1. How are those New Year Resolutions Going? I don't make resolutions so they're going along swimmingly! 2. Post-holiday letdown - did it get you? Just a little bit immediately following the Holiday's- but it was very short lived 3. Winter - are you like me and think it should be FREEZING - or do you like it warmer? I like the snow. Well, I like to see the snow. I hate to be cold. So that creates quite a dilemma. I can't tolerate the freezing weather so I'm cooped up inside all winter and I can't stand it.
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Four For Friday

Q1 - Moving: According to a recent report on American Public Media’s ‘Marketplace,’ in New York City, landlords and developers are paying big money (in some cases upwards of six figures and more) to convince renters to vacate their rent-controlled apartments. The practice, which makes way for property owners to then raise rents or build luxury condos, is now commonplace in many cities where rent-controlled housing still exists. Do you like your home or apartment? If so, what would it take to get you to agree to move? I love my house. I'd be hard pressed to move as I've moved so many times before. I'm ready to put down roots here. It would take an awful lot to get me to move, I don't know if money would be a motivator. Perhaps a lack of money, but not the prospect of a big profit from the sale.

Q2 - You Choose: Which is more important to you... Liberty or Security? Liberty- without freedom there can be no true security.

Q3 - Drinking: If you could drink anything right now--alcoholic or otherwise--what and how much of it would you drink? A french martini- it's Friday afternoon!

Q4 - Counting: How many light bulbs are in your home, and when was the last time you had to change one? My God, I have dozens! Too many to count. I have one out in my bathroom vanity now that I need to change now.

Four For Friday

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Friday's Feast
Appetizer Choose one: Popcorn, Pizza, Pretzels, Peanuts, or Pasta. Pasta- I adore pasta- no low carb diets for me! Soup Describe your personality in terms of a particular vehicle. Hummer- No- just kidding. BMW 6 series convertible- sassy, fun, and hidden power all in one package Salad If you won a shopping spree, from which store would you want it to be? Pottery Barn- It's casual and comfortable and I want a new sofa! Main Course Which television show re-runs do you enjoy watching? Okay, if I did watch re-runs, it would be "The Love Boat"--cheesy-yes! But I loved Julie the cruise director when I was a kid. I wanted to live on the cruise ship with her. I wanted to have her clipboard. Dessert If you could look into the future, how far down the road would you like to see? 10 years? 100 years? A million? Ten years- One of my favorite quotes from the Movie "Out of Africa" is this: Karen Blixen: "Perhaps he knew, as I did not, that the Earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road. " That means to me that it isn't always best to be able to see (or think we see) so far into the future.
Friday's Feast
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Friday Fun
Friday Free Time
1. Do you have a favorite hobby you do during your free time? I enjoy digital photography and editing, writing, reading and cleaning my house (okay- that last one isn't a hobby- just an obsession.) 2. Do you get much free time or is it usually just grabbed where you can get it? No, I don't get too much free time with a full time job and a son and a house to take care of- that right there can wipe out my schedule. 3. Is there any kind of hobby you would like to learn? I tried to learn knitting a few years ago but was unsucessful. Maybe I need someone to teach me.
Friday Fun
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Friday Fiver
What I am to you is not real
1. Age? 35 2. Sex? Female 3. Location? Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 4. Single? No 5. How long have you been doing the fridayfiver? Just a few weeks. Whew! That was easy enough... Not too thought-requiring for a Friday-Good start to the weekend.
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5 On Friday
1. What is your favorite beverage? Why? The beverage I drink the most is milk. I grew up drinking loads of milk. I don't drink as much as I used to, but I try to have at minimum a glass with each meal .(and it's good for my bones too!) 2. Your preference: Tea, coffee, or hot cocoa? Coffee, but I like all three. 3. Favorite thing do drink in the heat of summer? Ice cold water or perhaps iced tea. 4. Worst beverage you've ever tasted? Jagermeister- tastes like licorice cough syrup- Yuck! 5. How do you take your water: flavored, bottled, carbonated, or straight from the tap? Most of the time, bottled. I do drink my tap water filtered through a Brita filter and I like to drink San Pellegrino too.
Five On Friday
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Thursday, January 26, 2006
The Smoking Gun's expose of James Frey's Million Little Lies
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Oprah On James
Oprah is not pleased!
A Million Little Lies
Good God- If there is anyone that you don't want to have pissed off with you, it would be Oprah Winfrey. It appears that James Frey, of the "Million Little Pieces" fame has found out today just what the wrath of Winfrey feels like. Well, if he can handle 2 root canals without novocaine, he can handle Oprah. Oh-Wait- he didn't have the root canals sans anesthetic. Just another one of his creative licenses...Maybe James needs to look up the definition of memoir. Maybe his publisher needs to look it up too while he's at it. From Reuters:

In 19 years in television "I've never been in this position before," said Winfrey, whose praise for Frey's book in September helped make it the top-selling book on nonfiction lists in the United States last year. "I really feel duped," Winfrey told Frey on her television show. She said he had betrayed millions of viewers. Winfrey began by apologizing to viewers for a telephone call she made to CNN's "Larry King Live" show on January 11, while King was interviewing Frey about the controversy. In the call Winfrey said that even though the facts were being questioned, the book "still resonates with me" and called the controversy "much ado about nothing." "I regret that phone call," she told her viewers on Thursday. "I made a mistake and I left the impression that the truth does not matter and I am deeply sorry about that. That is not what I believe."

I was able to watch the Oprah Show today. Oprah appeared to be completely irked by her guest, but kept her professional demeanor throughout. James finally admitted he "embellished" many details about characters and events in his book. Oprah was clearly dismayed by the authors deceitfulness when James admitted his girlfriend Lilly did not in fact commit suicide by hanging herself the day he was released from jail. In fact, he did not serve jail time at all and was in North Carolina tending to "personal business" when Lilly killed herself by slitting her wrists. It appears that the closest Frey has ever come to a jail cell was the few unshackled hours he once spent in a small Ohio police headquarters waiting for a buddy to post $733 cash bond. I also wonder about the truth regarding his relationship with Lilly. He never explains why she killed herself. Perhaps James had decided to move on and forgot about his promise to Lilly of "never". Frey appears to be a pathological liar and had a difficult time coming up with answers for Winfrey throughout the hour-long show. What he did say didn't seem to ring very true. Regardless, his credibility is trashed now. I certainly hope he's banked all the money he's made from "A Million Little Pieces" and his sequel currently on the New York Times Bestseller List "My Friend Leonard". But knowing American's, this publicity will only serve to boost Frey's book sales.

Overall, I still feel it was an interesting book, albeit a piece of fiction. I cannot in good conscience call it a memoir. It may be loosely based on actual events in Frey's life. Many writers use their own experiences to draw on when writing. It doesn't make the book a memoir.

You can listen to an interview with Frey for Barnes & Noble's web site here.

Click here for audio of Frey talking about his ordeal on a Doubleday promotional CD.

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Disney announced this week that it has purchased Pixar Animation Studios. If you remember, Pixar is the creative force behind such hits as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. When Steve Jobs isn't busy coming up with the latest I-Pod, he heads Pixar Studios, which was incorporated in 1985 and is headquartered in Emeryville, California. Jobs has a far bigger stake in the animation studio than he does in Apple: His roughly 50% ownership of Pixar is worth over $3.5 billion, which would make his Disney's largest individual shareholder.

Emeryville is a far cry from Hollywood. But this may be a good thing for Disney, as several of their last hand-drawn animated films have been busts. The "House of Mouse" is in dire need of a breath of fresh air. It appears that the time has passed for the success of hand-drawn films in this era of computer-based animation.

So now that Apple, Pixar, Disney and ABC are linked in the business world- what will that mean for us as consumers? Disney movies for our I-Pods? I know I Tunes already carries a few ABC shows. (Yes, I am aware it carries shows from other networks too.) I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

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I took a cruise to Aruba, Grenada, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, Venezuela and Puerto Rico a few years ago. It was a terrific time and I'd love to get away from the dreariness of a midwest winter right about now.
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Question of the Day
Best cure
What is your best cure for a hangover? While I enjoy a glass of pinot grigio, shiraz or maybe a French Martini, I tend to not get hangovers. I did have one once when I over-indulged at a friends 40th birthday party. I made the mistake of mixing drinks, including a vile shooter called a snakebite ... My best advice is to take 2 aspirin, drink lots of water and don't call me in the morning...
Question of the Day
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My sign
I'm laying here sick in bed (again) so now that I am awake I'd thought I'd use this time to do something creative, between sips of water (not 7-Up) and nibbles of toast, this is what I came up with. No, I am not delirious with fever...
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The Thursday Threesome
::Certainly Worth the Drive::
Onesome: "Certainly-- is there anything in life you are "certain" about? Firm in your beliefs? Strong in your convictions? Tell us... I'm certain that I will always take care of my son, put him first, nurture his dreams and talents. As far as my other beliefs go, I am an open-minded person who's willing to look at ideas in a new way when I'm presented with intelligent information. I know that some opinions I held when I was younger have changed dramatically as I've gotten older. I'm just old enough now to know that I don't know much. Twosome: Worth-- what do you value? What people or projects are "worth your time"? My son and his interests are always worth my time. I feel the most valuable gift you can give anyone is your time and attention. It is priceless- no one can buy more time... Threesome: the Drive-- and from where you live, can you "get" to places easily? Is it an event to drive to the store? Do you live in a metropolis where everything is close? I live in the city but not downtown. I have a great location, set back from the bustle of the bulk of the traffic but close enough that I can get to any major store in mere minutes.
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Photo Theme for Thursday
Thursday Challenge
CURRENT Theme is "DOOR"(Doorway, Front Door, Back Door, Car Door, Trap Door, Entranceway, Entry, Exit, Gate, Hatch, Opening, Portal,...)

I took this photo with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel this past summer at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is a door to a mausoleum. I actually have an entire collection of photos I've shot of various mausoleum doors.
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3X Thursday
3x Thursday: 01/26/y2k+6: Favorites
1. What's your favorite type of candy? Why? Godiva dark chocolate truffle. It's dark and rich and delicious. Besides, research is now telling us that dark chocolate is actually good for us! 2. What's you're favorite piece of clothing? Any special reason? My favorite item of clothing is a white zipper hoodie sweatshirt, for no other reason than it is comfortable and I'm always cold. 3. Oh, ice cream! What's your favorite kind of ice cream or frozen treat? Black Raspberry Avalanche Dreamery Ice cream. It's Mountains of Vanilla and Black Raspberry Ice Cream Loaded with Dark Chocolaty Chunks. Pure Heaven... Bonus Question for Comments: Red licorice or black? Neither, licorice is disgusting! If I was forced to eat one it would be red licorice.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Ever Wonder?
Did you ever wonder why there are locks on the doors of a 7-Eleven? If they are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year the doors would never need to be locked Who has the keys to these doors? Do the managers carry around keys that are never used? And why is it called 7-Eleven, why not 7-TwentyFour for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day? Ah ha! I found the answer at the official web site of 7-Eleven:
"The company's first convenience outlets were known as Tote'm stores since customers "toted" away their purchases, and some even sported genuine Alaskan totem poles in front. In 1946, Tote'm became 7-Eleven to reflect the stores' new, extended hours - 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days a week."
It doesn't say anything about the locks though.
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