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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Ninja Text
Ninja animation
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Oh My!
Test taking...on pain meds...maybe not a good idea?!
TYPE M You scored 100 imagination, 83 confidence, 37 dominance, and 33 generosity!
You are a KINKY, CONFIDENT, SUBMISSIVE lover who prefers to RECEIVE. This means that: You like relatively kinky sex, and you have the great imagination that will always keep your partner guessing and excited! There's no getting bored with you around, you could never settle for dull sex, you want something fun and new all the time. You aren't afraid to try out anything you hear about. You might just be an intelligent lover who needs to be mentally engaged, or perhaps you have some dirty dark secret kinky desires, but either way, you're never boring. You are pretty confident in bed. This means that you know you can please your lover. Maybe you've read a lot of sex manuals, or have the experience from previous lovers, or just tend to be skilled at whatever you get your hands on, but you're good and you know it. You can really get results and know that you have pure talent, so you won't be hiding away shy, pretending to be all innocent. Your partners love your naughty self assurance, you don't hesitate and this makes you a sensational lover. You tend to be submissive in bed, so you prefer to go along with what your lover likes rather than your own plans. You might like being ordered around and acting out a slave/master fantasy, or perhaps you just get turned on by being helpless and unable to move. Or maybe it's as simple as you lacking courage so prefering firm instructions in bed to make sure you are doing things right. Either way, you won't be dominating your lover anytime soon, and might prefer the missionary position to any others. You would rather Receive than Give. This usually applies more to Oral sex than anything else, and other types of foreplay. This could be for a number of reasons. Maybe you are just very hooked on the sensation of orgasm, maybe you feel you deserve to be treated like a god/goddess, maybe you just aren't confident about your skills when it comes to returning the favour. Maybe you are lazy. Or maybe your partner loves to give and that suits you fine, so everyone is happy. Either way, remember to be a giver sometimes too, as long as your partner likes it. WE SUGGEST YOU TRY: Being Blindfolded and even tied up with scarves, and letting your partner tease, tickle and delight you, in the most tempting way. You are confident and imaginative enough to not mind them doing all sorts of fun things to you, surprises and frustratingly out of your reach pleasure. Just like back and enjoy, and maybe you can return the favour, maybe not.
My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 93% on imagination
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You scored higher than 60% on confidence
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You scored higher than 13% on dominance
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You scored higher than 0% on generosity
Link: The What's your sexual style? Test written by lu-mina on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
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A Few Things

The Picto-Personality Test

You are a person who lives in the moment and is passionate about whatever and whoever you love. When alone, you appreciate being able to do nothing if you want to, and setting your own pace for things. You are laid back. Anything goes, with you. In the future you will be happy and live richly.
Take this Test at QuizGalaxy.com
You are Cleopatra Beautiful and Charming. You are able to persuade anyone to do anything you would like, because of your hotness and charisma. You are an expert in gaining power over anyone you choose. Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com
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Is This Some Kind Of Joke?
Click here to see a new ad for Philips new product, the Body Groom. If I weren't already queasy from the pain medication, the mental image of a man's hairy back (among other things) would be enough to push me right over the edge.
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I'm Dangerous
I finally made it into the doctor yesterday. My regular doc is on vacation so I had to see what my son calls "The Russian." He likes her more than our regular doc as she is right to the point. Anyhow, he told me that "The Russian" will look at my shoulder and tell me something like "In my country, we suffer. Shoulder is fine." (He's a total ham with a great imagination...Where would he get that from?) So, when she told me that I must have a high pain tolerance (duh) and sent me for a MRI that same day, he was impressed and realized I must be truly injured. He and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum. He's the total hypochondriac and I am always "fine" and will ignore things until they're really awful. I'm left trying to figure out what to do with myself with my arm hung up in a sling. I'm telling you, it really puts a crimp in my style. I'm obviously not the sedentary type. But I guess I am for now.
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Friday, May 05, 2006
Friday Five
1) Do you like your birth-name? Why? Actually, I really do like my birth name, if we're talking first and middle. I think it's fitting for me. I had such a weird last name growing up, I liked to joke that I got married just to change my name. 2) If you could change your name to anything else, what would it be? Anastasia Beaverhausen...ha ha! 3) What names would you consider giving your children? How about Ian. 4) If you had a band, what would you name it, and why? I would never have a band. 5) Is there a name that you completely hate? Why? Jeffrey. Just, well, because I do.
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Survey Says
Stolen from Jen and Teena 1. How did you get the idea for your profile name? It's a goofy play on my name and one of my favorite symbols, the fleur de lis. 2. What song are you playing now, or wish you were playing? I'm not listening to music right now. 3. Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry? Certainly not. I'm not a crier as it is and I'm not going to cry over the death of someone I don't even know. 4. What colour underwear are you wearing? White 5. Do you want a baby? No, I've already got mine. 6. What does your dad do for a living? My did is retired. He used to be a furniture designer. I used to think that everyone got all new family room furniture every six months. 7. What does your mum do for a living? My momma is a momma. 8. What is/are your pet's name(s)? Gatsby 9. What colour are your bed sheets? Ivory 10. What are the last 3 digits of your phone number? 495 11. What was the last concert you went to? James Taylor (no, I'm not old!) 12. Who was with you? Several thousand other JT fans 13. What was the last film you watched? Cache 14. Who do you dislike most at this moment? I can't think of anyone. 15. What food do you crave right now? Homemade banana bread. 16. Did you dream last night? Yes, but I can't recall what it was now. 17. What was the last TV show you watched? CSI 18. What is your fav piece of jewelry? My posey ring. 19. What is to the left of you? My red pillow on the end of the sofa. 20. What was the last thing you ate? Pizza and a salad at Bazbeaux's 21. Who is your best friend of the opposite sex? I don't have one. 22. Who last MSN'd you? I don't have MSN messenger 23. Where is your significant other right now? Working 24. Do you have a crush? Oh, isn't it always nice to have a few people you admire? 25. What is his/her name? Hmmm... 26. When was the last time you had your hair cut? 2 days ago. I love getting my hair cut. Okay, I love having my hair fixed. My older sister always messed with my hair when I was a kid. I think I was her "pet project" most of the time. 27. Are you on any meds? Allergy meds and some heavy hitting pain meds for my injured shoulder that the doc put me on today. I've been laying on the sofa all la-la for a few hours now. 28. Do you have a mental disease? OCD (ha ha!) 29. What shirt are you wearing? A striped J Crew dress shirt, as I never changed after work today. 30. Are you sexy? Not right now, I'm flying high on this stupid pain medication. 31. What's your favourite store? Favorite for clothing-Banana Republic or J Crew. Favorite for household things-Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Willams and Sonoma. I love kitchen gadgets! 32. Are you thirsty? Not really. I can't have my glass of wine, due to the aforementioned pain meds. 33. Can you imagine yourself ever getting married? I've been there and done that. I don't foresee getting married again. Not in this country anyhow. Not as long as we have the likes of Bush in charge. 34. Who's someone you haven't seen in a while and miss? Shan 35. Where do you work? In an office.
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Friday's Feast
Feast Ninety-Two Appetizer From which country(s) are some (or all) of your ancestors? Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Ireland. Soup How would you describe your sneeze? Funny. I usually make up some funny word-sound instead of achoo when I sneeze to make my son laugh. Salad What is the last thing you cleaned? My bathroom. I try to at least wipe it down each day with Clorox wipes. Yes, I am OCD. Main Course Who made the strongest first impression on you? My current boss. I knew she was crazy the first time I ever met her. Dessert Name one thing you want to accomplish in your lifetime. I would love to have a work of mine published, but under my nom de plume of course!
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Four On Friday
FOUR FOR FRIDAY Q1 - Actors & Actresses: Will you go out of your way to avoid watching a particular movie just because it features an actor or actress you do not like? What if the movie in question also features an actor or actress you do like? I may avoid a certain movie if it features an actor or actress I don't care for, especially if it is a genre of film I don't find particularly enjoyable. However, I do not pick films based solely on the players in the film, I try to look at the overall picture and quality of the storyline and cinematography. Q2 - Established Customs: Good habits like bad ones are habit forming. What's one habit you'd like to break? Being too nice sometimes. I was raised to be nice, but I am finding that is not always the best plan of action. Q3 - Nuestro Himno: By now, everyone probably knows that "Nuestro Himno" is the Spanish language version of "The Star-Spangled Banner," and that U.S. President George W. Bush recently stated that he feels that the national anthem should be sung in English only. Despite the fact that the U.S. State Department's own web site features four Spanish language versions of "The Star-Spangled Banner," do you feel that the national anthem should be sung in English only? This is the second time today I've been asked this question, and the answer remains the same. The National Anthem of the United States should be sung in English. Heaven knows I'm no fan of Bush, but on this point, I agree with him completely. Q4 - Driving Age: Do you feel your state's age requirement for receiving a driver's licenses is appropriate as is, should be lowered, or should be raised? The closer my son gets to driving age, the more I think the age should be raised! But seriously, I don't necessarily feel that the brain of a 16 year old is mature enough to be able to handle all that is necessary for safely operating a motor vehicle.
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Friday Fiver
¡Viva Mexico! 1. Have you ever been to Mexico? A few times, yes. 2. Do you know anyone who is currently in the military? My youngest cousin, Jack, is in the Army, serving as a helicopter mechanic. He was in Iraq for several tours but he's come back stateside now. 3. What is the last party you attended? A wedding shower a few months ago is the first thing that comes to mind. 4. What do you think about President Bush saying that the United States' National Anthem should only be sung in English? I don't believe that the National Anthem should be sung in any other language than English. 5. French fries or freedom fries? Neither, I don't like them. Too greasy...
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My camera is still in the shop. It's been weeks, (or is it months, or maybe years) since I've seen her cute little lens face smiling up at me. Anyhow, I'm still forced to use photos I've taken in the recent past until "my girl" is returned to me.
Body of Water
I took this a few years ago at my parent's house.

Posted by Picasa Something with Flavor
A cork from a bottle of Pinot Noir. Not just flavor, but good flavor!

Posted by Picasa Plant your Ass - where you park it…

I like to "park it" in my cozy chair in my home office. It's a great place to wind down and kick back.

Posted by Picasa
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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Have you seen it?
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Found over at Sweet Memes. Thanks!
You Should Be a Painter
You have the vision, patience, and skill to bring your unique visions to canvas. And you're even tempered enough not to cut your ear off in the process!
What Sort of Artist Should You Be?
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Thursday Threesome
::Wuthering Heights (and lows):: Onesome: Wuthering-- What kind of word is that anyway? Do you have a word you think is just strange? "Kangaroo" comes to mind ... onomatopoeia In rhetoric, linguistics and poetry, onomatopoeia is a figure of speech that employs a word, or occasionally, a grouping of words, that imitates, echoes, or suggests the object it is describing, such as "bang", "click", "fizz", "hush" or "buzz", or animal noises such as "moo", "quack" or "meow". They are also a very common feature of comic strip writing, where words such as "Pow", or "Ka-pwing" help the reader to better imagine what is being described, and make up for the lack of literary description. Twosome: Heights-- Are you afraid of them or can you dance along the rooftop coping like a character in a movie? I'm not afraid of heights. I'm not going to go dancing on the rooftops either. Threesome: (and lows)-- What kind of insect or bug sends you low and scurrying? Do spiders do that to you? Wasps? ...or do you just squish everything that "bugs" you? I'm not afraid of bugs. Just keep the snakes away from me, and I'll be fine.
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3X Thursday
1. Are you really into music? Does it get you excited, or can you take it or leave it? I'm into music. I like to have it on most of the time. It's funny, but I keep trying to turn on music in the car and my son keeps turning on NPR. Go figure! 2 .Do you look forward to new albums coming out? Are you one of those people that waits with bated breath, or do you just buy albums when you are walking by a kiosk or something like that? I don't buy entire albums anymore, I get music I like from ITunes. 3. What kind of music did you listen to as a kid (0-18)?. What do you listen to now? I was mainly forced to listen to my older siblings music when I was a younger kid. So that is why I know a lot of classics from the early 70's. I listen to a wide variety of music now, just about anything but country. Bonus Question for Comments: Does music hold the same meaning as an adult as it did when you were a kid? Why/why not? I think music is much more important to me now that when I was a kid. It can bring back so many memories that you just don't have to pull from when you're younger.
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Way Back Wednesday
Yeah, I know it's Thursday, but I had a very full day yesterday and never found the time to squeeze in looking for hideous photos of me in bathing suits. This week's theme, thanks to TKW is: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dotted Bikinis of the past!

My older sister, Michele and I in 1976. I guess I was going for the patriotic theme that year with the red (of course!) bikini. I'm so pleased that this photo is blurry so you can't quite make out the "Mary-Ann" pig-tails I had going on in my hair.

Jump forward over a decade with this one. I sagaciously placed the boogie board between me and the camera, so it barely counts as a swim suit photo, but I'm using it anyhow. I lived in Hawaii at the time this was taken, and if I recall correctly this was the day I was being sucked out by the undertow. I wore fins most of the time, but it appears that I forgot to on that day.

This is what it looks like after spending about 10 hours in one day sitting in the sun by the pool on a cruise ship. They start coming around offering to bring you nice drinks with umbrellas in them somewhere around 10:30 in the morning, and being the polite person that I am, I just can't refuse. How many drinks can one drink in a 10 hour stint? I have no idea, but judging by this photo, quite a few!
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Oops, I did it again
I went mountain biking last night. Well, as mountain biking as you can get in this flat state. Anybow, I took one hill too fast and took a spill. I landed on my bad shoulder. The one I fractured before. The one I injured the rotator cuff on before. Well today it hurt like hell. I'm no wuss either. I'm guessing I've done something new to it. Luckily it's my left shoulder and I'm primarily right handed. Still, it's going to stink if I have to have it in a sling or something (again!) Which also means I'm going to have to go to see the doc tomorrow. I'm sure she's just going to give me some pain meds and some stupid stretches to do, but I guess I should go anyhow. The kiddo and I had our haircuts tonight. I love getting my haircut. Actually, I just love having a gay man play with my hair for an hour! It took so long that we ended up having to go out to dinner. I had a glass of wine with my food. And a glass of wine just now, so I guess a pain pill is out of the question for my shoulder. Damn, that's too bad because it still hurts. I can't raise the arm above shoulder level. Which makes me think it's a rotator cuff thing again.
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Tell the Truth or Pick your Preference - Part Quatre
Ici, je dit le veratie! From the Faboulous Irish Church Lady Tell which one most appropriately applies to you or if they don't, pick your favourite. If you can't pick only one because NEITHER applies or appeals or BOTH do, then you lose a point from TEN. 31..Backless or cleavage? Oh no, you're killing me here making me pick! It's like asking a mother which child is her favorite! LOL But if I'm forced to pick, I'd go with backless, I'm a sucker for a gorgeous back. I'm not really a fan of big boobs. And it takes big boobs to make a good deal of cleavage, in my humble opinion. Not that I have anything against boobs in general, au contraire! 32..Sunrise or Sunset? Ouch! Another tough one....Sunrise is so peaceful, but sunset is rather romantic. It really depends on where I am as to which one I prefer. Sunrise is great on the east coast, but you can't beat sunset in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawaii. Sometimes, when the sun is setting there, you can see a spark on the horizon. Due to this fact, I'll take sunset. 33..Flossing or going to the dentist? No, no, no...This is not a one or the other kind of thing! I do both on a daily basis. 34..Find time or lose time? I'm trying to find time. 35..Church or sleeping in? I grew up going to church each and every week. As an adult, I married an atheist, who is not a semi-Catholic. (go figure!) Needless to say, he and I didn't spend a lot of time going to church. Then I divorced his sorry ass, came out and felt rather isolated once again from my church. I'm a Methodist by birth and upbringing, and we're a pretty welcoming bunch. I've gone to church on and off for the last few years, but I'm finding it hard to find a church that understands that being gay and a Christian is not mutually exclusive. I'm not one to sleep in either, even on the weekends. 36..Elmo or Fozzie? Fozzie is a classic, so he's the man. 37..Strawberries or Blueberries? Strawberries....I love my mother's strawberry jam. 38.."Scrubs" or "The Office"? Sorry, but I don't watch much TV so neither one. 39..Ballroom or Jive? Jive over ballroom anyday. 40..Surf or swim? Surf, or umm, boogie board. That's close enough. If I ever get my Way Back Wednesday post up, I'll have photographic proof of my past forays into boarding.
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Photo Ferrets
This Week's Theme: River
I took this picture a few years ago at my parent's home. This is the view from their front deck. For some unknown reason the part of the house that faces the water is called the front and the part that faces the driveway is the back. I have no idea why! It's before I had my Canon Rebel so I'm afraid the quality isn't as good, but it still shows what a beautiful place it is, especially during the fall. That's really a great time to get out in the kayak and explore. I grew up spending hours and hours on this water, back in the day when it was safe to send your kids out for the entire day and not expect them back until dinner and not worry if they were okay or not. Posted by Picasa
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Are you more... 01) Lawyer or accountant? A lawyer, I'll debate anything and everything and God knows I'm always a stickler for the fine details and I'm always looking for loopholes. 02) Dentist or family doctor? Dentist, of course.... We get paid to hurt people. Ha ha! 03) Chiropractor or massage therapist? Massage therapist. 04) Engineer or architect? Architect, as I'd make a terrible engineer. 05) Sports announcer or news meteorologist? I know nothing about sports so I'd have to go with news meteorologist. I had considered going in to journalism, but couldn't bear to put the "spin" on the news as I feel I'd be forced to do. As a reporter, I’d tell about something that's already happened. As a news meteorologist, I'd have to figure out what's going to happen. 06) Garbage collector or sewage system inspector? Honestly, I don't think I could handle either one as I'm so sensitive to smells. 07) Plumber or electrician? I'm so not mechanically inclined, so neither one! 08) Lead hand/foreman or supervisor/manager? Manager 09) Astronomer or astrologer? Astronomer, I'm not one for astrology. 10) Advice column writer or editorial column writer? Editorial column writer, I'm full of opinions.
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Which Cell...
Also from Cat...
Mitochondria You scored 73 Industriousness, 32 Centrality, and 7 Causticity!
You're a mitochondrion! The mitocondria is a "power plant" of the cell. Nothing could ever get done in the cell without you creating energy. Since both the Citric Acid cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation happen inside the mitochondria, you are critical to every eukaryotic cell. You are always a hard worker, no matter what you are tasked to. Most of the time, you tend to be working in the background, but that often suits you just fine. You get along with almost everyone, and aren't these the most important things?
My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Industriousness
free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 99% on Centrality
free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 99% on Causticity
Link: The Which Cell Organelle are you? Test written by fading_shadows on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
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Wednesday Mind Hump
Cinco de Mayo theme 1. ¿Como Estás? Soy bueno pero cansado, gracias. 2. Ever been to Mexico? If so, where? What did you do there? I've been to Tijuana many years ago. More recentlyI've'visiteded Cozumel. I did what most people do when they visit Mexico, drink tequila, shop and go to the beach. I found a wonderful beach called Nachi Cocum right outside of Cozumel. Very beautiful, not too crowded and a nice bar. You can even get a massage right there on the beach. 3. Do you like Mexican food? What's your favorite Mexican dish? I like some of the not-so-heavy Mexican dishes, but only from authentic places. There's a wonderful hole in the wall kind of place here in town called La Piedad that has great food. Very fresh and authentic.
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Me Meme
This time I stole something from Cat over at Sweet Memes I am in need of more coffee. I want to go on a vacation, soon. I wish I had more free time. I hate rude people I miss my friend who used to work with me and kept me entertained throughout the day. I hear the AC unit and the compressor tanks as I'm at work. I wonder if I'll ever solve the great mystery of life. I regret more things than I can list here! I am not your stereotypical "anything" I dance only after being served a few strong drinks. I sing along with the radio, all the time, much to the chagrin of my son. He is amazed at how many songs I know the words to. I cry very, very rarely. (For a woman I am not a good crier, must be why I scored 60% masculine on my personality quiz.) I am not always knowing what I'm doing, but I sure can fake it! I make with my hands lots of gestures when I'm talking. I write because I am alive. I confuse the hell out of people most of the time. I need to stop obsessing about many things in my life. I should start working through the stack of papers on my desk now. I start too many things at one time as I often take on more than I should. I finish every last drop of coffee in my cup. I tag anyone who wants to play.
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
TMI Tuesday
1. What are your feelings about traditional bachelor/bachelorette parties? Ugh! I hate them. 2. Do you wear (or not wear) something special to bed/dress differently when you want to have sex? Nope. I'm not the type to pre-meditate. 3. Can men and women be "just friends?" I've yet to see that happen. And in my case, often times women and women can't be friends. Which must explain why most of my friends are straight women. I've had several experiences with women who I think are friends that are actually hitting on me. Which pisses me off because I am so not a game player. I am straight-forward and foolishly expect that others are the same. Oh, well- I'm not going to change and I don't want to become skeptical and a pessimist about people. If that makes me a Pollyanna, then so be it. I'll say one thing, women are much more complicated than men. And when you put two women together.... Let's just say it's interesting.

From one of my favorite movies, "When Harry Met Sally" And for the record, I thought you could say that a woman's attractive without it being a come-on! Harry: Can't a man say a woman's attractive without it being a come-on? Alright, alright, let's just say, just for the sake of argument, that it was a come-on; what do you want me to do about it? I take it back, okay, I take it back. Sally: You can't take it back. Harry: Why not? Sally: It's *already* out there! Harry: Oh geez, what are we supposed to do? Call the cops. It's already out there. Sally: *Just* let it lie, *okay*? Harry: Great! Let it lie, that's my policy. That's what I always say, "Let it lie." Wanna spend the night in a motel? See what I did? I didn't let it lie. Sally: Harry. Harry: I said I would and then I didn't. Sally: Harry. Harry: I went the other way. Sally: Harry! Harry: What? Sally: We are just going to be friends, okay? Harry Burns: You realize of course that we could never be friends. Sally Albright: Why not? Harry Burns: What I'm saying is - and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form - is that men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way. Sally Albright: That's not true. I have a number of men friends and there is no sex involved. Harry Burns: No you don't. Sally Albright: Yes I do. Harry Burns: No you don't. Sally Albright: Yes I do. Harry Burns: You only think you do. Sally Albright: You say I'm having sex with these men without my knowledge? Harry Burns: No, what I'm saying is they all WANT to have sex with you. Sally Albright: They do not. Harry Burns: Do too. Sally Albright: They do not. Harry Burns: Do too. Sally Albright: How do you know? Harry Burns: Because no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her. Sally Albright: So, you're saying that a man can be friends with a woman he finds unattractive? Harry Burns: No. You pretty much want to nail 'em too. Sally Albright: What if THEY don't want to have sex with YOU? Harry Burns: Doesn't matter because the sex thing is already out there so the friendship is ultimately doomed and that is the end of the story. Sally Albright: Well, I guess we're not going to be friends then. Harry Burns: I guess not. Sally Albright: That's too bad. You were the only person I knew in New York.

When Harry Met Sally clip 1 - Just Friends and clip 2 - Faking It... (both from Lizzie's blog!) 4. Do you own any leather or rubber clothing? Outside of the usual fare (i.e. "Vanilla") leather coat or two, no. I almost bought a pair of leather pants last winter, but got talked out of them. I own nothing rubber as it's made out of latex and I am deathly allergic to latex. As in, I am supposed to wear one of those Medic-Alert bracelets but I don't want to, so I don't. 5. On a scale from 1-10, how willing are you to do something in bed you don't want to just because you are asked? Well, it depends on who was asking and what was being asked! I'm an adventurous type, so I'd say 7. Bonus (as in "optional"): Do you ever fake orgasms? No, never found a need to do so.

NEWS BULLETIN:The organizers of National Orgasm Week were disappointed to learn that the majority of women polled just pretended to celebrate. (alos from Lizzie)

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Tuesday Twosome
Tuesday Twosome Your Blog! 1. What were your two favorite TV and/or radio programs as a child? Tell about it. When I was young, two of my favorite shows were "The Love Boat" and "The Donny and Marie Show" - what can I say, it was the 70's! 2. If you could follow someone around for one day (unseen), who would it be and why? I value my own privacy so much that I don't think I could do that to another person. 3. What are your favorite and least favorite times of the day? (waking up, driving to work, etc.) My least favorite time of the day is the period between the time I leave work and the time I get home after picking up my son from school. It's total crunch time and I hate feeling rushed. My favorite time is spending the ride to school in the morning talking with my son. He was trying to talk politics and religion with me last night, going on about a theocracy, but at that point I'm too tired to be very sharp! 4. Name two things in your freezer: Organic whole grain waffles and ice of course! 5. What two things sets you apart from the crowd? In regard to appearances only, people tend to notice my hair. It was funny, when I lived in Hawaii I had very long blonde hair and my best friend was blonde also. Lots of Japanese tourists would come up to us wanting to take their pictures with us as they'd never seen a person with blonde hair in person.
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Monday, May 01, 2006
Scrambled Text
I tnihk taht tihs is fsticaninag. It msut eplaxin why my son, who is dliyexsc, can siltl raed so vrey rpldaiy. It aslo eapxlins why he tikhns taht slenlipg wrods crlortcey is a toatl wtsae of tmie. You can enter your own text in the Scrambled Text Generator and see what you get. Can you read it???
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Moody Monday
This week's theme: Small I decided to do something a bit fun for Moody Monday this week. I took some photos of marbles out of a jar and put them on the window seat in my bedroom. I then played around with it, poking fun at the ideas of big vs. small and made the photo into the look of a huge billboard. Yes, there is a dog hair in there, and no- it isn't on the lens. I left it in the photo as I found it rather amusing. Posted by Picasa
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And the Question of the Week is… One of my favorite children’s books is The Phantom Tollbooth. One of the many fantastic things the characters come across is a city that has become invisible because the people who live there are all too busy to look around and see things. Let’s face it; most of us are like that. Have you seen something recently that is something you see all the time, but maybe just noticed? As far as details go in things in my surroundings, I'm very observant. I'll notice the pattern of the light coming through the window and hitting the floor, the texture of the wall, or the scent of someone's hair after she's just come from a coffee shop. I actually fight to not notice things. It can become sensory overload to a sensitive person. Taking everything in can be painful at times. I don't want that. It leaves me raw.
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Monday's A Bitch
Luck 1. What's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you? I don't necessarily believe in luck. 2. Are you superstitious? Do you hang onto any lucky charms? I hate to admit that I have a superstition or two I sort of believe in. One thing I cannot do is open an umbrella indoors. I get that one from my grandmother. 3. Speaking of Lucky Charms, do you enjoy the cereal? No, I think it's foul. 4. What's your opinion on gambling? I'm not against it morally. It just doesn't entertain me much. I have been known to play some Texas-Hold-Em with friends, but not for real money. 5. Have you ever won something in a contest? (Bonus points if it's something really bizarre). A contest that involves luck? Hmmm... not that I can think of.
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Manic Monday
1) Did you do what you were told when you were young, or did you rebel? I was very well behaved as a kid. I watched what my older brother and sister did to get in trouble and then avoided doing those things. But now I have all that rebelling to get out of my system as an adult! 2) What did your childhood bedroom look like? Well, as my mother wouldn't let me have the red velvet curtains I wanted (see my Way Back Wednesday post for further explanation of that!) I went with pink. It was one of those horribly girly foo-foo rooms with French provincial furniture, including a canopy bed and a ruffled pink bedspread. I also had my own pink love-seat and upholstered chair in my room. My dad had those custom made for me. I wonder where they are now, as what would one do with a pink loveseat? 3) Are there foods, smells, songs or sounds that bring back memories of childhood for you? Scent is a very strong memory trigger for me. Fresh-squeezed lemonade, fresh cut grass, new blacktop asphalt, lilac trees and the smell of a real charcoal grill and lighter fluid all take me back. 4) What is something you often did on Sundays when you were growing up? My dad would make pancakes for us each and every Sunday. My grandma would come over and join us for breakfast and then we'd all go to church. Every Sunday... After church my dad would do something with the leftover pancake batter to make me "crepes" to hold me over until Sunday dinner.
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Monday Madness
1. Sleeping in for me means sleeping until _____. 9:00- I slept in that late yesterday and I was shocked! 2. Staying up late means I don't go to bed until _____. 1:00- not a good idea when you have to wake up at 5:20 3. I probably spend more time _____ than I would like. driving 4. And I don't spend nearly enough time _____. doing things I find enjoyable 5. I have zero tolerance for _____. hypocrites 6. I have a lot of patience when it comes to _____. my son
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¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸A Lizzie Quizzie!¸.•'´¯)¸.• 1. Should I quit blogging? Sigh. No, you would miss it way too much (and we'd miss you and your quizzes!) 2. Toilet paper... over or under? :) Over, most definitely! 3. What brand names are you completely loyal to? Probably more than I care to admit. I want Sony for home electronics, Canon for my camera equipment and Honda for my autos to name a few. And speaking of toilet paper, I'll only buy Charmin. 4. Do you like your job? What is your dream job? No, my job is boring as hell, but it allows so much flexibility, I'm in charge and it pays good money so I'm staying for now. It also sucks the life-blood out of me. I have no idea what my dream job is, but it's certainly something more creative than my job is now. 5. On a scale from 1-10, how computer savvy are you? 8.5 6. Do you make your lunch or buy it? I usually buy it. Lunch is a big social event around my office. 7. What color is your front door? It's hardwood, so it isn't painted, it's just wood-colored. 8. Jeans or kakhis? Usually jeans. 9. What is the longest distance you have ever run? I have no idea, I don't track the distance ever. 10. If you could buy one thing for yourself (cost is no matter), what would you buy? I want a pool for my backyard, and a privacy fence to go with it.
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"What's Your Theme Song" Quiz
Your Theme Song is Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf
"I like smoke and lightning Heavy metal thunder Racin' with the wind And the feelin' that I'm under" A total independent spirit, you can't be held down or fenced in. You crave the feeling of wind on your face... and total freedom.
What's Your Theme Song?
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First Day Of May
May is one of my favorite months. That is, if I can ignore all the hubub here in Indianapolis about the Indy 500. I'm telling you, it overtakes this place. It's all you hear about.... Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. So, I'm trying to tune it all out. Today is also May Day. It's not really celebrated much here, but in England celebrations involve crowning a May Queen and dancing around the Maypole. I lived for several years in Hawaii, and there today is celebrated as Lei Day. Everyone wears flower garlands, or leis and there is hula dancing and a Lei Queen crowned. I wish I had some photos of some of the beautiful leis I received each year.
First of May (James Taylor) And the light between us Which we could not quite extinguish Which we see at dawn Burns on First day of May Things are beginning Our side is winning Hip hip hooray Made in the shade Deep in the shadow Down by the meadow Lie in my arms And the moon will rise Before our very eyes We will rise too I'll be with you It's a rite of spring A horizontal thing The sweetest sort of dance Hidden in among the plants Ha ha ha ha People are laughing Children are singing Come join the dance And the walls around us Which we kept at such a cost When we turned around Came tumbling down Ha ha ha ha She can't stop laughing He can't stop singing First day of May
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Waste of Space Monday
My first "Waste of Space Monday"- brought to us by Tammy. Here's how she describes it:

My new game. Waste of Space Monday. Where we share with the world why people are stupid. Kinda like my version of The Darwin Awards.You know who I'm talking about. Those people who:~ Are criminals.~ Drink and drive.~ Park their "ride" in 2 spaces so they don't get their stupid cars scratched.~ Yell at helpless cashiers who are really just doing their jobs.~ Anyone who is just a total moron.

The first thing that comes to my mind is a gigantic waste of space- Wal-Mart. I mean, I just feel awful for poor pitiful little Wal-Mart - with being forced to ensure that their health benefits are up to par. I mean, some of those Walton folks might have to skip their weekly facial, pedicure and massge. How will they survive???

And don't even get me started on the descrimination against females at Wal-Mart. A few facts:

Women hourly workers earned up to 37 cents less per hour than their male counterparts.- Female managers earn nearly $5,000 less than male managers in yearly salary.- Women comprise 72 percent of Wal-Mart’s total workforce, but only 33 percent of its managers.- Women comprise 92 percent of Wal-Mart’s cashiers, but only 14 percent of Wal-Mart Store Managers.

You can see Jib Jab take aim on Wal-Mart here.

Copyright David Horsey

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