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Saturday, March 11, 2006
Just A Theory...
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Things Not To Do
Skipping lunch and then going to Sunflower Market was an interesting experience. I was hungry, very hungry. One thing I haven't lost throughout this ordeal was my appetite. I knew that I wanted tuna steaks for dinner. I ended up with that, and more- pine nut couscous, broccoli and carrots and best of all- cherry pie for dessert. I wasn't up to making a cherry pie, so I got one there. It was organic, vegan and absolutely delicious! I love warm cherry pie with vanilla bean ice cream on top. I'm so happy I haven't lost my appetite or my taste buds!
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The Saturday Six
1. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION from Cat: If you could trade places with one person in your family for a week, who would you choose? And would you want to trade as they are now, or sometime in the past (or future)? It would be interesting to be my Grandfather, in the time right before he left Denmark for the United States. I'm certain it would make me even more appreciative of how good I've got it. 2. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION from De: What were you doing 1 year ago this month, and are you more or less satisfied with your life today? A year ago this month was an interesting time for me. I'd say I'm most definitely more satifisfied with my life today. 3. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION from Lisa: Do you prefer watching television over surfing the internet? I would rather surf the internet. I have control over what information I can attain via the internet. I'm subject to whatever rubbish happens to be on the television channels. With the Internet, I can choose my own rubbish (or not)! 4. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION from Antonette: Outside of the U.S., where would you live and why? Somewhere, anywhere that is warm! 5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION from Elton: When you leave your home, do you ever feel paranoid that you've left something behind? Most of the time, no- I know I have what I need. 6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION from Laura: What song or songs would you want played at your own funeral and why? I've never given this any thought before. How about "Doctor My Eyes" by Jackson Browne...
Doctor, my eyes have seen the years Through the slow parade of tears without crying Now I want to understand I have done all that I could To see the evil and the good without hiding You must help me if you can Doctor my eyes Tell me what is wrong Was I unwise to leave them open for so long? As I've wandered through this world As each moment has unfurled I've been waiting to awaken from this dream People go just where they will I never notice them until I've got this feeling That it's later than it seems Doctor my eyes Tell me what is rea lI hear their cries Just saying "It's too late for me" Doctor my eyes Cannot be disguised Is this the prize for having learned how not to cry?
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Saturday 8
1. Were you ever schooled in a way OTHER than public schooling? (private, charter, prep, homeschooling?) No, I attended public school. 2. If money were no object and you had a choice to send your kids to private or prep school in your current area, would you? My son does go to private school. 3. homeschooling has gotten a bad rap due to unscrupulous parents and fundie-crazy Christians. How do you feel about homeschooling? I don't have much of an opinion on the subject as I don't feel I know enough about it at this point to form an educated opinion. 4. I was abused for many years in private school, but I still sent my eldest clone to private school for four years. I was very nervous about sending her. What negative experience in your schooling past has made you wary of schooling your children? I can't say that I had any overly-negative experience in school. 5. John stossel recently did a report entitled "stupid in America," a slam on public schools. He states that money is wasted and the students' test scores keep plummeting, while 'bad' teachers are retained because unions make it too difficult to fire them. Do you have such a bleak outlook on our nations' public schools? Why or why not? I do have a bleak outlook, but unfortunately, I don't have the answers to the problems either. 6. Some schools give kids cash and reward incentives for attendance and good grades. Do you agree with basically 'bribing' kids to get them to show up and perform well? I'm totally against paying a child to do what he should be doing in the first place. 7. Here in Florida, we have a voucher system in which a child that goes to a failing school (yes, they're actually graded!) has the option of taking a school voucher which will get them in FREE to a private school. They have to apply and get transportation to the private school, so most low-income and minority students do not take advantage of this. How do you feel about public state money funding private (and usually Christian) schools via the voucher programme? I'm not even going to go there! I pay for my son's tuition myself, thank you. I don't think it is the responsibility of the Government to pay for it. The fact that it is a Christian school is immaterial to me. 8. A two-parter: finally, tell us your BEST memory and then your WORST memory from school. It can be from elementary, middle school/Jr. High, or senior high school. I just had the typical school experiences. I can't recall anything bad, to be honest. I was too much of a "good kid" to get into trouble back then.
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Just like your mom What is something that you do, or say, that when you are done you realize that you are just like your mother? My mother and I both put ice cubes in our red wine. I have no idea why either one of us does it. Okay, I know why I do it- because it makes it taste better.
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Random Things
Fifty of the most random things you probably never needed to know about someone. 1. Your name spelled backward: asil 2. Last incoming call on your phone? Tracy 3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? A song. 4. What's your favorite restaurant? Mama Carolla’s or Maggiano's 5. Last time you swam in a pool? This summer at a friend’s. I don’t have my own pool…yet! 6. Have you ever been in a school play? Quite a few 7. How many kids do you want? 1 8. Type of music you dislike most? most rap and country 11. Have you ever ridden on a mo-ped? Yes, I used to have a red Honda Razz when I lived in Hawaii. 12. Ever made a prank phone call? When I was a kid, yes. 13. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? I’d go sky diving. 14. Furthest place you ever traveled? Venezuela. 15. Do you have a garden? Yes. 16. What's your favorite comic strip? I don’t have one 17. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem? Yes 18. Bath or shower? I love baths the best, but I take more showers. 19. Morning or night? I like both. 20. Best CD you've listened to in the past month: I don’t buy CD’s- I have an I-pod. 21. Favorite pizza topping? Mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, artichoke. 22. Chips or popcorn? Popcorn 23. What color lipstick do you usually wear? Something called Zodiac from Origins. 24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? No, I don’t know what that even means! 25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? Not on your life!! 26. Orange juice or apple? Orange juice, preferably fresh squeezed. 27. Who were the last people you went out to dinner with? Ian. 28. Favorite type chocolate bar? Any organic dark (56-70%) chocolate bar. 30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? Last summer, my neighbors give me veggies all of the time. 31. Ever won a trophy? Yes I have. 32. Are you a good cook? I’m a terrific cook and I like cooking. 33. Do you know how to pump your own gas? Unfortunately, yes I do. 35. Sprite or 7-Up? sprite. Neither- I hate soda- but I might try a 7-UP when sick to my stomach. 36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? If you count scrubs, yes. 37. Last thing you bought at Walgreens? Prescription drugs, baby- loads of them just this week! 38. Ever thrown up in public? Oh yes, most definitely and most unfortunately. 39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love? You mean I have to pick? 40. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes. 41. Can exes be just friends? It has yet to work for me. 42. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital? Most likely, Mamma- not my mother but my bosses mother that we all call Mamma. She’s my sweetie! 44. What message is on your answering machine? Honestly, I have no idea, I don’t call myself. 45. Where would you like to go right now? Um, the hospital, so I can get well. No, not really, I hate the hospital. 46. What was the name of your first pet? A dog named Princess. Yes, that is what happens when you allow a 4-year-old to name the pet. 47. What kind of backpack do you have, and what's in it? I’m a bit old for a backpack, aren’t I? Actually, I do have a Jansport sling pack that I keep in my car that has exercise clothes in it. 48. What do you first look at on the sex you are attracted to? Teeth, hands and eyes. 49. What is one thing you are grateful for today? The fact that I’m not in the hospital. 50. What do you think you’ll be doing next year at this time? Being happy that Spring is almost here once again and I survived another winter.
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Man's Best Friend
OK, Woman's Best Friend... My puppy has kept me excellent company this week. Normally, I don't let her in my bed. I adore her, but she's a black dog, and all of my linens are ivory. I can't stand dog hair on my bedding. It makes me crazy! On the other hand, my son has the dog sleep under the covers with him every night. Just another example of our differences! Gatsby loves to get herself all snuggled down into the covers, just as pictured above. She'll take the blankets gently in her teeth and pull them up over her. I was dying to change the sheets more than my usual once a week this week. There's no way I could have done it alone, and Ian doesn't do hospital corners. So, I've just had to deal with it until today. I decided to wash my teddy bear at the beginning of this week. I've had this bear for well over 30 years. I must have been delirious when I put Mr. Bear in the washing machine. Nearly all of the stuffing came out of him. I crammed it back it, but I need to sew him up. I don't really sew. but I'll make an exception in this case, it is serious! I don't know if I can take much longer of this sitting still crap. I'm on the edge of stir-crazy!
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Studio Friday

EYES: I'm all eyes!

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Friday, March 10, 2006
Top 5 On Friday
Top 5 "Night" songs or albums (take your pick or do both) Again, interpret this anyway you see fit. The albums and songs don't necessarily have to have the word "night" in the title. 1. "Because The Night"- Sung by 10,000 Maniacs on MTV Unplugged. 2. "No More Lonely Nights"- Paul McCartney and Wings. 3. "Midnight Voyage"- The Mamas and The Papas 4. "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"- Mozart 5. "Hard Days Night"- The Beatles
Top 5 On Friday
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Why I like Canadians!
Today I heard about a study that the Canadians have just come out with. This is just another reminder to me as to why I love our friends to the Great White North! They've found an additonal reason as to why red wine is good for you- it's beneficial to your periodontal health. "Canadian scientists believe the polyphenols can block production of free radical molecules, high levels of which can damage gum tissue. " So, drink up!
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Top 5 Friday
What are your top 5 all-time favorite smells?
  1. The smell of my son's neck when he was a baby- warm and sweet and slightly milky- pure and unadulterated heaven on earth.
  2. The rows and rows of lilac bushes that grew in my yard of the home I grew up in.
  3. The sweet gardenia trees that grew outside of my home in Hawaii
  4. The breeze coming off of the ocean in Hawaii, first thing in the morning. Most days it had just rained and the two odors would combine together to make a scent unlike anything else found in this world.
  5. Sex.
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The Friday Five
Time In A Bottle 1) 10 years ago what did you think you would be doing now? Certainly not what I'm doing now! Ten years ago I was still married and my son was only 3 years old. My life was very, very different then. 2) Where do you think you will be in 5 years from now? Over 40! Yikes, that sounds strange. Somehow, I think my life will be very different than it is right now. My son will be graduating from high school. I could be anywhere, doing anything. I do know that constantly changing the scenery doesn't change the basics of life, good or bad. You can't hide from anything, or anyone- especially yourself. 3) Do you live life one day at a time or look to the future. Looking too far into the future can be dangerous. One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies/novels is by Isak Dinesen, also known as Karen Blixen in "Out of Africa"-
"Perhaps he knew as I did not that the world was made round so we don't see too far down the road."
4) Do you wish you could go back in time and undo something in your life? I typically like to think that my past makes me who I am, mistakes and all, but I can think of one or two I'd like to undo. 5) If you could send a message back in time and give a younger version of yourself some advice, what would it be? There are 3 people in this life that you'll need to stay away from, Lisa- no matter how good it looks on the surface at first. Just don't go there.
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Illustration Friday
This week's theme: tattoo Here's a sketch of the tattoo I had done a week ago, and a picture of the real thing! The Sketch was done in Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 with a Wacom Graphire 3 Tablet. The sketch is just about equal in size to the real thing, actually the sketch is a bit bigger as this is a close-up shot of the tattoo.

Illustration Friday

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Photo Friday
This week's challenge: 'Red'.
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No, not that kind of hammered. When I was sitting in the doctor's office, talking her out of putting me in the hospital, she asked me how I felt. I felt like hammered sh*t. Yes, that is what I told her. She asked! Here's where I got that expression: So, she chewed me out for a few minutes about going into work for the past two days when I was supposed to be at home in bed. Then told me that I was misbehaving ( duh!- I'm great at that!) and I deserved the shots she was going to give me- one of Toradol (for the pain from my fractured ribs from coughing) and one of a steroid (for the inflammation in my lungs). Now, that's plain evil! I hate needles. I opted out of the Toradol for fear it would make me too whacked to drive myself home. I didn't get out of the Solumedrol (steroid) so easily. I asked her if she needed me to get up to give me the injection. I did, as that particular injection goes in your hip- a nice way of saying your rear end! I've kept enough of my sense of humor to quip back to her that she just wanted to see my butt twice in one week. I had already been in there on Monday and she saw my new tattoo, as I was allergic to the antibiotic cream I had been using on it. I'm stinking allergic to many, many things now. One of those many things I'm allergic to is Vicodin (hydrocodone) and anything with codeine in it. Which made it difficult for her to find a pain reliever for the rib fx and a cough suppressant so my ribs can stop hurting. So she sat there flipping through the PDR cursing under her breath. She is a great doctor- seriously! She's the greatest and I would highly recommend her to anyone. So, they check my oxygen saturation level, measure my peak flow and give me a breathing treatment with a nebulizer like I had on Monday. I get so shaky from those, even those she switched me to Xopenex this time. I am a walking damn drug store this week, and normally I don't like taking Tylenol. I don't know why I've been so sick. I eat well, really well. Lots of fish, fresh organic fruit and veggies, whole grains and I take my vitamins. I guess I'd be dead about now if I didn't! I do know that one thing I won't be doing again is a wheatgrass shot. I'll take mine as a supplement from now on. Last weekend I did a wheat grass shot. Then proceeded to come home and toss my cookies. Well, not cookies, more like chunks of lawn clippings. Not tasty and not pretty coming back up. I'll spare you from any further details. Can you be allergic to drinking grass? Anyhow, right now I'm on another round of antibiotics, another 2 weeks of steroids, a nebulizer treatment of albuterol every 3 hours, a prescription cough med. and a pain med. for the ribs. At least the ribs are only on one side, most likely the ones I've fractured before. It does hurt like fresh hell everytime I cough though, and I'm no wuss. Basically, this sucks. Sorry, but there is no nice way to say it!
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Friday Fun
Friday Fairy Tale If you could live a fairy tale story, which one would it be? Would it be Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or something more out of the Camelot era? Tell us your tale and why!!! I'm not certain that I believe in real-life fairy tales. Especially the "happily ever after" part. I've always liked the tale of Rapunzel. She is the one that saves her Prince instead of the other way around. "One day, while Rapunzel sang as she fetched water, the prince heard Rapunzel's voice again and were reunited. When they fell into each others arms, her tears immediately restored his sight. The prince led her and their children to his kingdom, where they lived happily ever after."
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Friday Forum
1. How often do you read? I read daily. I've been slowing down a bit lately, but normally I read approximately a book a week. 2. Who are your favorite authors? There are so many! Haven Kimmel, Augusten Burroughs, John Steinbeck, Alexander McCall Smith, Isak Dinesen to name a few... 3. What genre most interests you (For example, suspense, romance, horror, contemporary, etc.)? I don't do romance novels, ever. I like classics, memoirs and biographies, history (non-fiction), suspense and some horror. 4. What elements of a book most appeal to you (character development, plot, dialogue, etc.)? I'm into it all... 5. Do you buy books written by celebrity authors? Why or why not? I supposed I've read a few, but they aren't really my thing.
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Friday Fiver
1. What's your favorite song these days? Bad Day by Daniel Powter 2. Do you wear glasses? I'm supposed to wear glasses, but I wear my contacts instead without fail. Very few people have seen me wearing my glasses. 3. Have you ever counted sheep to fall asleep? No, I don't think it would work. It might work only if you are into beastiality or something like that! 4. Reality TV: love it or hate it? Hate it. 5. Recommend a single on your friendslist that we should all get to know a little better: I'm not on LJ so I don't do the friendslist thing.
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Four On Friday
FOUR FOR FRIDAY Q1 - Greeting Cards: When was the last time you mailed a card to someone, and what was the occasion? It was for my brother's birthday, which is on Valentine's Day. Q2 - Courts: Now that two new judges have been nominated, confirmed, and sworn in to serve on the United States Supreme Court, do you believe the Court will overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision at some point over the next five to ten years? Yes, I do believe it will be overturned. Just look at South Dakota already. Q3 - E-mail: How many different e-mail accounts do you have, and how often do you tend to use each one? I have multiple email addresses. I have two or three that I check daily. One for my family, with my "real" name, one through work and finally one that I use for my blog correspondence and such. Q4 - March Madness: Because of all the college basketball tournaments taking place this month, some people say the month of March should be renamed "Basketball." Are you following this month's college basketball action, and if so, which men's and women's teams are you rooting for? I am so not a basketball fan. I'm not following the games in the least. I live in a state that is fanatical about basketball. We're currently hosting the Big 10 Tournament and home to the NCAA Hall of Fame, The Pacers and The Fever. Yes, I do admit to going to some Fever games. It is a good reason to have a few drinks and be entertained by people watching.
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Five On Friday
Scent-sory Overload Thanks for these sweet-smelling questions should be directed to the always scent-sational Amy Marr. 1. Do you wear perfume or cologne? Yes, I usually wear Ralph Lauren Blue 2. What brand or kind of soap do you use? I just bought a great bar of Olive Oil bar soap. I love the soaps at L'Occitane- they are the best. 3. Do you use anything to scent your home (candles, potpourri, scented oils, etc.)? I have a great candle by my bed right now that I bought last weekend at Twentyfive Home Store. I love that place, every time I go in, I want half of the store. The candle is made by the Tyler Candle Company- they have terrific scents. 4. What's your favorite scent on a member of the gender to which you're attracted? I love a good smelling woman! I've got a sensitive nose. I'd have to say that each individual wears a scent in a different way, so I can't name a specific perfume. Many of the gay men I know have the best taste in cologne- they always smell terrific! 5. Have you ever tried aromatherapy? If so, describe your experience; if not, do you think it works? Yes, I've tried it at home. I have certain aromas for headaches, colds and relaxation. I don't know if it helps, but it can't hurt!
Five On Friday
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Jodie: Don't Quote Me
I've just read this article on After Ellen about Jodie Foster. It contains this quote:
"At this point Jodie Foster should just come out. She's not an ingnue anymore. You know, it really saddens me because Jodie Foster could do so much good." Comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer in a recent interview with the Dallas Voice
You know, I couldn't disagree more. It's her own business. I don't believe that being an actress and living in the public eye means that, if you are gay, you must come out. I don't think that anyone has to come out of the closet if he or she doesn't want to, regardless of who you are. It burns me up when the GLBT community is so damn judgmental and preachy. With all the stereotypes and demands of "correct" behavior within our own community, it's a miracle we have any time to deal with all of the outside attacks from Bush and the Christian Right et. al. I am the one who chooses for myself who I come out to, who I am friends with, how I dress, look, talk, where I live (and with whom) and what I do. No one is going to put me into a pigeon hole and say I need to be a certain way to fit their stupid pre-conceived notions. It's not going to happen. So you can leave me and Jodie alone!
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Jodie on Ellen
Laying about all week has given me more than the usual time to think. Watching "Flightplan" this week made me recall Jodie's visit to the Ellen Degeneres show last September. I happened to be at home that day and was able to watch it. Here is a recap from the Villiage Voice: JODIE FOSTER's appearance on Ellen this Monday provided a potpourri bowl full of lesbian content—subtextually, anyway. First off, the two ladies admitted they hang out in the same places ("I see you at the market," Jodie interestingly remarked to ELLEN.) Then they talked about Jodie's butch mama character in Flightplan ("This was written for a man," she confessed.) And getting more intimate, they discussed how, when she was the Coppertone girl in a commercial, they'd put treats in Jodie's pants to make the dog pull 'em down. "Does the Coppertone girl still have treats in her pants?" wondered Ellen. "I'm sure she does," exclaimed Jodie, who then got all uncomfortable and smiled, "I don't want to continue with that line of questioning." There's so much I could say here, about the treats in the pants and all...but I'm going to behave and leave it alone. I get a gold star for today!
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Friday's Feast
Appetizer On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how intuitive do you think you are? Usually about an 8, right now I'm so doped up on about 15 kinds of meds that I'd give myself a 2 or 3! Soup What is your favorite kind of gum? Righ now I like Orbit cinnamon. Salad Name a CD you own that you would never get rid of. I have several, including my complete Beatles collection and my guilty pleasure of ABBA's Greatest Hits. Paul McCartney is such a cutie! I just want to pinch his cheeks, pat him on the head and bring him home with me to play his guitar.
Main Course When was the last time you said something you didn't mean? Most likely, yesterday after I'd been to the doctor's office (again.) My son told me I wasn't making any sense. Dessert What is the sum of the numbers in your birthdate? (Example: 3 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 31) 27
Friday's Feast
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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Half-Nekkid Thursday
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My Sexy (?) Shoes
Okay, this might not count as sexy, but it's as sexy as I'm gonna' get right now. I'm sick, I'm supposed to have the week off work (for fun), but I'm ordered by my doc to stay home from work (because I'm sick)-- and guess where I am??? Work! Obviously I'm strictly casual, as no one else is working either. So I went with my black Ugg boots and jeans today. I'm not all that big on "foo-foo" shoes as it is. Not for wearing... I don't mind other people wearing them, if they're so inclined. I don't do heels all that well, I'm ashamed to say. Do, as in walk. That's an important aspect. Unless you're sitting around taking pictures of them.... Which I normally don't do. I love shoes and have loads of them (though I've tossed out tons lately). I'd say I own less a half-dozen pairs of heels. I think that goes way back to when I was married. I'm 5'8" and he was (well, is, he isn't dead or anything- which is a miracle in itself) 5'9". I believe he suffered from "short man syndrome" which meant he didn't want his wife taller than he was. Ask me a simple question, and you get an entire essay! It's a real problem that I have. What can I say, I'm afflicted...
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Good News!

Some prominent nutrition experts put out new guidelines Wednesday urging Americans to cut back on calorie-rich sodas while allowing more leeway for alcohol and lots of room for tea and coffee -- up to 40 ounces a day. That's more than three tall cups at Starbucks, although that might bust suggested limits on caffeine. They also allow men three times as much beer as sugary soda. - MSNBC

I'm way ahead of these people! I hate soda, but I'm all for allowing more leeway for alcohol and coffee in my diet. And I like iced tea, especially in the summer. I'm from the north and it took a bit of getting used to the idea of drinking iced tea all year round.

Unfortunately the article goes on to say the guideline on alcohol are as follows: "Alcoholic beverages, one drink a day for women and two for men. A drink equals 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, 1.5 ounces spirits." Excuse me, I thought the tag line on the article was more leeway! Typical media- misleading!

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Your Candy Heart Should Read...
Yes, I know it's not timely, but I found this amusing anyway...
Your Candy Heart Says "Get Real"
You're a bit of a cynic when it comes to love.You don't lose your head, and hardly anyone penetrates your heart. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: is all about the person you're seeing (with no mentions of v-day!) Your flirting style: honest and even slightly sarcastic What turns you off: romantic expectations and "greeting card" holidays Why you're hot: you don't just play hard to get - you are hard to get
What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
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Thursday Challenge

Thursday Challenge CURRENT Theme is "NATURE"


Shot with a Canon Digital Rebel EOS, June 2005- Marion College Indianapolis, IN

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Thursday Threesome
::On the nightstand:: Onesome: On-- a clear day I can see all the way to _____! Downtown...The next state...across the midwest....It's so flat here that you can see forever! Twosome: the-- very next project I'm going to work on is _____. ...and why would that be? Painting my son's bathroom. It's painted for the 5 year old that last lived here, with bugs in primary colors. My son has been patiently waiting for me do something much more his style. Threesome: Nightstand-- What are you reading this time of year? A thriller? Romance? The tax code? I need to be reading the tax code, but I'm waiting until I feel better. I want my tax refund! Instead I'm reading "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote.
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Villain Since we're talking about tv and the movies, and everyone loves a villain .... who is your favorite tv or movie villain? Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter- "Silence of the Lambs" Jack Nicholson as the Devil- "The Witches of Eastwick" The Wicked Witch of the West- "The Wizard of Oz" Tim Curry as Pennywise- "It" The Shark- "Jaws"
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Death of a character What tv or movie character did you become so emotionally attached to, that their death brought you to tears when he or she died? Claire on "Six Feet Under" - they all died on the final episode of the show.
Shelby (Julia Roberts) on "Steel Magnolias"- talk about a tear-jerker!
Ruth (Mary-Louise Parker) on "Fried Green Tomatoes" my heart just breaks for Idgie (Mary Stuart Masterson)

Ruth: You're just a bee charmer, Idgie Threadgoode. That's what you are, a bee charmer.

Jenny (Robin Wright) on "Forrest Gump"

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3X Thursday
3x Thursday: 03/09/y2k+6: More About the Human Condition
1. Do you stand up for yourself well? To put it more clearly, when the situation needs to be about you, are you good at saying so? Why/why not? What do you do?
Yes, I am good at standing up for myself, when the situation warrants. I think that is easier because I don't try to make everything about me, I pick my battles instead and save it for those matters near and dear to my heart.
2. Do you have re-occuring dreams? Do you think that our dreams tell us things about us, or do you think it's BS? Why/why not?
I have a few recurring dreams. I think those fragments of thoughts are pieced together to form dreams in some meaningful way. The meaning just may not be obvious to our conscious mind.
3. Are you very patient? Why/why not? When can you be the most patient person in the world? When can you be the least patient person in the world?
Yes I am very patient in most instances. I am very patient with my son. I'm not very patient while driving. I lived in Southern Californina and that driving mentality has never left me.
Bonus Question for Comments: Are you afraid to die? Why/why not?
No, I'm not afraid in the least. I'm at peace with things in my life and my Maker.
3X Thursday
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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Where Do They Come Up With This?
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Finally, the film Cache will be arriving at the Keystone Art Cinema on Friday. I've been anxiously awaiting it to get here for quite some time now. I do enjoy the anticipation of something, the buildup makes it all the more enjoyable. But I do hope I'm not disappointed, as I have no control over the way the movie turns out. This rarely happens with real life events, as at least I have some input on the situation. I digress... Georges (Daniel Auteuil), a television talk show host, and his wife Anne (Juliette Binoche), are living the perfect life of modern comfort and security. One day, their idyll is disrupted in the form of a mysterious videotape that appears on their doorstep. On it they are being filmed by a hidden camera from across the street with no clues as to who shot it, or why. As more tapes arrive containing images that are disturbingly intimate and increasingly personal, Georges launches into an investigation of his own as to who is behind this. As he does so, secrets from his past are revealed, and the walls of security he and Anne have built around themselves begin to crumble. The film won Best Director and Best Screenplay at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival and more recently won awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor at this year’s European Film Awards.
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Flight Plan
I was right, a dose of Jodie Foster did do me good! Overall, I enjoyed the film. Yes, there were loopholes in the script. I did my best to overlook them and tried to not over analyze things. Not an easy feat for me, to say the least. I kept my focus on the shiny things in the movie... guns, handcuffs, Jodie's piercing blue eyes. All good things. Would I have enjoyed this movie if it would have starred someone else? Perhaps not. As it turns out Jodie Foster's role was originally written for Sean Penn. The original character's name of "Kyle" was even kept. I like the name Kyle for a woman- but I don't like Sean Penn. So I'm doubting that I would have bothered to rent "Flightplan" starring Sean Penn, no matter how sick I am this week... I also have to applaud whomever made the decision to have "Kyle take off her long sleeve shirt that she had on earlier in the film in favor of this one- Nice arms! Smart and sexy, a terrific combination.
Flightplan (2005) Video code provided by The Movie Insider
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I'm Rambling Now
OK, I am officially sick of being sick. This is waaaay too boring for me. To top it off, nearly everyone I know here in town is out of town this week. And, I have hit and miss laryngitis, so I can't talk. I must talk a lot more than I think I do, because I miss it. I guess talking is like sex, you only notice it when you're not getting to do it. So I suppose I will have to write instead. Instead of talking that is! I'm not usually one to sit still for long. That's adding to my displeasure. Now, I'm usually a happy-go-lucky person. But I think I'm starting to get dangerously weary of this all. I went to Blockbuster yesterday to rent some movies. I had no idea what to pick. So far I've watched "Walk the Line" and surprisingly enough, I actually enjoyed it. I'm no fan of country music. But it was okay, it really was. Reese Witherspoon is a cutie (but much cuter as a blonde) so that made the movie, shall we say, more palatable. I'm sick but I'm not dead. I also watched "The Weatherman" with Nicholas Cage. It was, well, different. I thought I was going to like that one more. It was compared with "American Beauty" which I really liked. I enjoy the dark, dry humor- like Allan Ball's style on "Six Feet Under." Perhaps it was too depressing for me at this current time. I think I will watch "Flight Plan" tonight. A dose of Jodie Foster will do me good.
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From the article:Kids who had emigrated from foreign countries - such as Shewit Giovanni from Ethiopia, Farah Ali from Guyana and Edgar Awumey from Ghana - often aced every test, while many of their U.S.-born classmates from upper-class homes with highly educated parents had a string of C's and D's. As one would expect, the middle-class American kids usually had higher SAT verbal scores than did their immigrant classmates, many of whom had only been speaking English for a few years. What many of the American kids I taught did not have was the motivation, self-discipline or work ethic of the foreign-born kids. Politicians and education bureaucrats can talk all they want about reform, but until the work ethic of U.S. students changes, until they are willing to put in the time and effort to master their subjects, little will change. A study released in December by University of Pennsylvania researchers Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman suggests that the reason so many U.S. students are "falling short of their intellectual potential" is not "inadequate teachers, boring textbooks and large class sizes" and the rest of the usual litany cited by the so-called reformers - but "their failure to exercise self-discipline." The sad fact is that in the USA, hard work on the part of students is no longer seen as a key factor in academic success. The groundbreaking work of Harold Stevenson and a multinational team at the University of Michigan comparing attitudes of Asian and American students sounded the alarm more than a decade ago.
Question: Where do you fall on this argument? Have today's youth become lazy when it comes to school work? Do they put more effort into convincing their teachers they deserved a B, then effort into the actual work? And were is this going to leave the US in 20 years? <Sigh> I hate to even begin thinking about this. It hits home just a little too much for me. My son, who comes from an upper-middle class upbringing, with two (more than 2!) educated and intelligent parents is doing very poorly in school. He's bright, very bright. That is what's so upsetting to me. I feel like he thinks that everything should be easy. When I was in school, most things were easy for me, but it didn't mean I wasn't going to give my 100% effort. Because sometimes, in some subjects (like Calc. or Organic Chemistry) I had to work to get my usual A or B. I don't know what is different now. Why aren't kids motivated and self-disciplined? It wasn't like my parents were on me all of the time to do well- I was on me to do well. (I still am my own worst critic and biggest slave-driver.) I'm not over indulgent with him, he doesn't sit around watching TV or video games rotting his mind out. He just got the top reading minutes in his entire school- he read over 10,000 minutes over the past months. Something is going to have to give with these kids. In 10 or 20 years time, we'll be a sad and sorry nation. OK, a sadder and sorrier nation. How depressing...
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How Evil Are You?
Ah, this is good- it means I've got them all fooled! Um huh- rarely inclined to do wrong.
How evil are you?
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A Funny Thing
Something made me remember a discussion I had with the nurse at MedCheck during my three-hour-visit-from-hell on Sunday. Of course, she had to run through all of the normal blah-blah information gathering. She just asked me how tall I am and how much I weigh. I could have lied! I should have lied, just for fun- said something like I weigh 170 pounds just to see if she was paying attention. Anyhow, she gets to the part about when was your last menstrual period. Okay, at this point I'm burning up with fever, hungry, thirsty, tired and not all that thrilled about waiting for 3 hours to be seen. But I stayed my usual "sweetness and light" self, even as I was wondering, what does that have to do with my flu/bronchitis? (Yes, I know it is just one of those questions she had to ask.) I tell the nurse, I don't know, I can't remember. She asked if it was within the last month- I said no. She asked me if I could be pregnant. I told her that there was absolutely no way in the world. Actually that made me try to think of when the last time was that I had the kind of sex that could potentially (though most likely not) lead to pregnancy. It had to be at least 8 or 9 years ago. Time flies when you are having fun! I'm finally up and out of bed today. I picked an ugly day to get up. Rain, but no storms- what fun is that? I decided to go by my office, check in on things. I had 53 voice mail messages. 53! I haven't been out of my office THAT long! I also have laryngitis, so none of those 53 people are getting called back by me anytime soon.
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Last thing What was the last thing that you won? Let's see, it must have been tickets to a pre-screening of the movie, "The World's Fastest Indian" with Sir Anthony Hopkins. I think he's fantastic!
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Musing on Movies
In the mood
"Happy, smile. Sad, frown. Use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion!" ~~French Kiss
What movie do you watch when you need a good laugh? What about a good cry? Are there particular films you watch when you are in particular moods, like happy, frustrated, tired, etc? Laugh: When Harry Met Sally L A Story Napoleon Dynamite National Lampoon's Vacation Bruce Almighty Caddyshack Meet the Fokkers There's Something About Mary Animal House Big 9 to 5 Fargo (it's funny in a odd way.) Cry: What Dreams May Come Steel Magnolias Fried Green Tomatoes The Color Purple Life Is Beautiful Empire of the Sun Beaches The Green Mile Schindler's List The English Patient Kramer vs. Kramer Million Dollar Baby
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Tuesday is Chooseday
either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.
    Would you rather:
  1. wake up and find you can ONLY tell the absolute truth OR only lies? I'll take the truth for $1,000, Alex.
  2. gargle with mint listerine mouthwash before every meal OR lick a lime before every bite? I like limes, but not a lick beofre each bite, so I'll go with Listerine (mint is good.)
  3. drink a glass of water taken from a public kiddie pool OR from the shark tank at the aquarium? I'd rather drink from the shark tank anyday.
  4. go out to dinner with a convicted serial killer OR vice president dick cheney? I personally think the serial killer would be a more interesting dinner companion, so I would go with him...as long as neither he nor Cheney were allowed to bring weapons to the table!

Cheney's Lego Hunting Mishap

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Tuesday Twosome
Tuesday Twosome Your Blog! 1. Do you have stickers on your car? If so, what are they of? I have a window cling on my rear window supporting my son's school. 2. Do you have posters/art in your bedroom? If so, what are they of? No, I'm working on finding the perfect piece of art to hang over the fireplace in my bedroom, but for now, there's nothing. 3. Do you tend to be outspoken about all you believe or are you cautious in expressing your opinions? Why? I stand true in my personal convictions, but know the time and place to voice them. 4. When you hear misinformation, are you more likely to correct it or let it go? Why? I'm more apt to correct. I just can't help myself most of the time! 5. What is more annoying to you, someone that is so passionate about their beliefs, they tend to express their beliefs all of the time, or someone that is passive? Passivity- if that person does have a strong conviction and doesn't voice it, he or she isn't being true to himself/herself.
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Ten On Tuesday Part II
In all fairness, I'll try to list the ten most attractive male stars. 1. Sean Connery 2. George Clooney 3. Ralph Lauren 4. Anderson Cooper 5. Pierce Brosnan 6. JFK, Jr. (I'm sorry that he's gone.) 7. Harrison Ford 8. Patrick Dempsey 9. Chris Noth 10. Mikhail Baryshnikov 11. Mark Harmon It's only fair that I do 11 on the list of men. I can be objective and admire the pure aesthetics of these men. I enjoy beauty and attractiveness in all things. It's like admiring a great piece of art, I can think it gorgeous, but it doesn't mean I want to hang it on my wall.
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Culturally Rounded Quiz
You know some
100% painting, 75% theater, 76% the arts
You're probably better than average

This test tracked 3 variables. How the score compared to the other people's:
Higher than 90% on painting
Higher than 48% on theater
Higher than 84% on the arts
Link: The How Culturally Well Rounded Test written by GildedLion on Ok Cupid
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