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Thursday, April 06, 2006
How to classify?
Went to Magianno's tonight. Great Argyle Pinot Noir. 2004- I've been told that was a good year for Oregon Pinot Noir's. Very good. Here's what they have to say about it:
This is a massive wine from a massively warm vintage. The liquid even looks more viscous than wine when poured into a glass! The aroma is deep toned and concentrated. Look for plum jam, black cherry extract, a hint of cedar smoke, and dark chocolate-mint spices. The flavor is mouth-filling and packed with plum sauce-black cherry stuffed with chocolate. See if you can find the plum pudding?alder wood smoke character. The texture is super-juicy all the way through to a very long lasting sweetness with sanded tannin memory.
I love these descriptions. They are so fantastic, the use of words. Just great. I love words. Scrumptious eggplant Parmesan too. I stuffed myself. I never do that. Had the entree, an appetizer, the bottle of pinot, a shot of amaretto (compliments of the waitress) a Cappicinno and the creme brulee. All fantastic. So, now I'm watching Basic Instinct. The original. I haven't seen it in years. They just came out with an un-rated version. Which explains the scenes that I don't remember seeing the first time around. Except for Sharon Stone's hoo-haa. I remember that! Hard to forget that. Wow...I didn't know this movie was from 1992. I was "straight" back then! Ha ha! NOT! I've never been straight, just played a straight person. Anyhow, that Catherine Trammel (Sharon Stone's character) is one dangerous bitch. I like that. Scares me, but I like that. Well, sort of...
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