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Sunday, April 30, 2006
What's Behind Your Emotions Quiz
I found this on Emode.com

What's Behind Your Emotions? Why You Feel the Way You Do Lisa, your emotions are triggered by your underlying belief in Loyalty In other words, your uncompromisingly loyal nature directly affects how, and how often, you experience certain feelings. For example, your test results indicate that you're most fulfilled when you can connect on a meaningful level with friends, family, and others in your community. That factor is directly related to your fundamental belief in loyalty and the range of emotions it triggers.

Loyalty? What a foreign concept. I can only think of one person, outside of my own son, that is loyal without a fault...I am rather naive really. I am a highly observant person, but I don't know how to process what I observe. Therefore, I suck at reading people when it comes to inter-personal interactions. Business interactions are a different story. I know exactly what is going on there. I'm rarely, if ever, wrong in that area. But then again, that doesn't involve me personally. I am rather un-able to read when someone is playing games with me. I've been told that's because I am an up-front person and expect others to be the same way. Well, I guess that a lot of people aren't that way. I've come to the point in my life that I'm just too damned old for that b.s.

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