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Monday, May 08, 2006
Monday's A Bitch
Old Skool 1. What book were you forced to read in English class that made you want to gouge your eyes out? I'm a big lit fan, so I enjoyed most of the classics we had to read. I'd say the one I disliked the most was Johnny Tremain. I don't know why exactly, as I normally enjoy historical pieces. But I'm not much of a Revolutionary War period buff. 2. What was your best elementary school science project? I did a really enjoyable one on optical illusions. I still think they're interesting. 3. What was your favourite thing to do at recess? Tetherball and four square. 4. Did you ever participate in a school play? I was in many, many school plays up through middle school. I didn't take drama class in high school so I couldn't be in the productions. 5. Describe your most embarrassing school photo or early fashion faux pas. (Bonus points if you have a picture to post ;)) I have the photo, but Blogger's being naughty and won't let me post pictures. I was in kindergarten and I had a red polyester jumpsuit with white stitching on it. It had those huge, wide collars on it and bell bottom legs. Absoulutely hideous!
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