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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I've recently gone to see the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia". I'll come clean right now and say that I was scared.

Between the White Witch, Tumnus the Faun, the talking wolf-dogs and the evil Minotaurs, all my chilhood fears were played upon. As far back as I can remember I knew about the Greek god Pan who was half goat and half man. This Pan accounted for many a nightmare as a little girl. The Roman name for Pan is Faunus so most obviously Mr. Lewis knew his stuff. Greek god Pan is the root for the words panic and pandemonium. Need I say more? And the White Witch! My God- she was reminiscent of the Borg Queen from the Star Trek series. Incredibly eerie, cold and evil to the core. Yet...somehow... appealing... Must be the dark side of me that it appeals to.

The talking wolf-dogs remind me of dogs a neighbor had when I was a child. They were Alaskan Huskies. Now, I know most people think these are terrific dogs. I just have a bad connotation of them. One day these crazy neighborhood dogs got out of their own yard and came into mine. Luckily we were all in the house, because these creatures were jumping at the doors and windows trying to get in like possesed beasts.

I went to bed after watching the movie praying that I wouldn't have nightmares about it. All through the show I kept looking around to see if the 4 and 5 year-olds in the theatre were frightened too. I guess it was just me... Maybe they don't know their Greek gods... Maybe they have sweet and lovely Huskies as pets... I don't know.

It was a wonderfully compelling and absorbing movie that I highly recommend to anyone, as long as he or she doesn't have a Pan-phobia. I just can't seem to get this film out of my mind.

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