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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Wednesday Mind Hump
Wednesday Mind Hump Today is International Goof-off Day! 1. What's your favorite way to goof off? Reading, writing, blogging (of course!) adding to my ITunes or tinkering with digital photos are all things to do if I’m stuck inside. If it’s nice out (which it hasn’t been lately) I’d like to hit the trail, or the water or whatever. I prefer to shoot photos outside for the most part, so I could do that too. 2. How much goofing off do you do on an average day? On average, I don’t have that much time, as my days are relatively full. I try to sneak some in here and there or stay up later than I should to fit it in. 3. If you got paid to blog, how would you goof off and not do your job? Well, I’d have to be sitting at my computer to blog and during the summer I want to be outside and on the go.
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