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Thursday, January 19, 2006
3X Thursday.
1. Describe the perfect vacation. A trip to a beautiful, secluded island in the Caribbean. White sand and turquoise water everywhere. No plans, no schedule, no agendas- just pure and unadulterated relaxation. Frosty drinks with umbrellas, a pile of wonderful books to read and my own personal chef to create culinary delights. 2. Describe the perfect meal from appetizer to dessert. Perhaps starting off with prosciutto ham and melon, Caesar Salad,Peppered Beef Tenderloin Brochette and finally baked Alaska 3. Describe the perfect day. see above for the perfect vacation. Sun, beach, books, drinks, food Bonus Question for Comments: What *is* perfection, anyway? Well, Merriam-Webster dictionary says this of perfection: Etymology: Middle English perfeccioun, from Old French perfection, from Latin perfection-, perfected, from professors : the quality or state of being perfect : as a : freedom from fault or defect : FLAWLESSNESS b : MATURITY c : the quality or state of being saintly2 a : an exemplification of supreme excellence b : an unsurpassable degree of accuracy or excellence3 : the act or process of perfecting But I think it is something different for everyone. My concept of perfection may be total flawed to another.
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