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Saturday, February 04, 2006
My son had to memorize the Apostles Creed for Religion class in school this week. While I did not grow up Catholic, and he goes to Catholic School- I'm finding out that I should still know some version of this Apostles Creed. I've never heard of it. I must have been snoozing in Sunday School when that was covered. I was raised Methodist and my mother made sure I was up every Sunday morning bright and early to go to the service. In my church, we would have communion only once a month. I was about 12 years-old and was sitting with my best friend Jenni. It was Communion Sunday. I had tried to get out of actually going into the Sanctuary. For some reason, communion made me completely ferclempt. I don't know if it was all that talk about blood and body eating, but I got nervous every time Communion Sunday rolled around. Anyhow, Jen and I were sitting in the church pew, waiting patiently for our turn to go up and have communion. Up the center aisle comes a little old lady and her husband. She has on the classic old lady church outfit replete with a polka-dot dress, orthopedic shoes, and knee-high stockings. Up the aisle she goes, slowly plodding along, her steps getting more and more dragged out. I can start to see something large and white poke out from under her dress. It was her granny-panties! They just kept dropping lower and lower until she stepped right out of them. She just went right on walking up the aisle, all the while tears are steaming out of my eyes from trying to not laugh in church. What finally did me in was when her husband bent down, picked up the panties and shoved them in his pocket. He went right along the aisle too like nothing had ever happened. All of the action kept my mind off of the impending communion.
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