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Saturday, February 04, 2006
The Saturday 8
sat-8 :: reading, money, race... a veritable smorgasborg. 1. Do you read magazines? If so, what kind? If not, why not? Yes, I read magazines. I read way too many magazines. Photography magazines, cooking magazines, home-focused magazines, Consumer Reports (for my nerdy side), I-Pod magazines (for my other nerdy side), Oprah and Real Simple 2. Do you find yourself reading or watching celeb gossip? Why or why not? No, I don't because I honestly just don't care. I don't read "People" magazine and I don't watch shows like "Entertainment Tonight". Celebs are just regular people like the rest of us and I personally don't want to know the details of someone's life that I don't even know. 3. If you had a job that you could do from home in addition to your 'regular' job, would you take it if you could make your own hours? Why or why not? Sure I would, who wouldn't like some extra cash? 4. If this job netted you $ 1Kto $1.5K per month, how would you spend your money given your current financial situation? I'd take an extra vacation or two and then save the money to go toward a hot tub, swimming pool and screened in porch for my yard. I have a huge backyard just calling out for such things. I love the water and I love to sit and listen to the rain in the open air. 5. Do you participate in any activities (marches, remembrances, historical tours, reading history) during black history month? I don't do much but I have read some online. 6. So, punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow last week, and we're getting 6 more weeks of "mild winter weather." how do you feel about that, or do you care at all? I hate it. I hate the winter and being cooped up inside all of the time. I want to be out and going....kayaking, biking, just being outside in the sunshine. 7. Speaking of Phil, are you a fan of the film "groundhog day"? I'm consistently amazed that I can't find a single person who doesn't like that film. I must be some kind of freak as I've never seen the movie. 8. And speaking of film, are you interested in seeing "the davinci code"? Why or why not? Sure I'm interested in seeing the movie. I've read the book, just like millions of other Americans. I take the book to be an interesting piece of fiction that was well written.
The Saturday 8
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