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Saturday, February 18, 2006
I was planning on staying home today and cleaning my house. Somehow, I ended up going shopping instead. Out in the cold. Shopping for hours... I did do housecleaning. Until B called me from the store needing suitcase advice. It was all downhill from there. I talked her into buying a red suitcase. Black is too boring! Everyone has a black suitcase so the red one will stand out in the airport every week. I think my first car cost less than this suitcase. It had better last! She spent so much today that the bank called her to ask if her card had been stolen! (You've got to love tax return time!) I had to be pushed out of J. Crew. The ex-preppy girl in me loves that place! I found 3 suits and about 6 haberdashery shirts I wanted. But I didn't buy any of them. ( I, on the other hand, have not filed my taxes. I need to do that soon!) So, for fun and entertainment, I decided to have some fun in Target. It also helps that I'd had about 4 cups of coffee and a double mocha. That marble mocha macchiatto is good. Really too sweet to drink all of the time, but good. I'm sure it has about 1,500 calories in it, but I felt like I could afford it. So I tried something new and ordered that. Anyhow... As soon as I walked in the store (okay, right after I ordered my Starbucks) I found these bunny ears on a headband. So I put them on and wore them the entire time I was in the store. It is interesting. There are generally two different ways people react when I do something odd like that. Either they'll glance at you quickly and then look away even more quickly OR they'll smile, catch your eye, laugh or even say hi. I went along with B to find something, anything to get rid of the mouse. Yes, he is back. I don't want to kill an tiny animal, but I cannot have it in my house! I swear I saw that little sucker in my garage when I was coming home late one night this week. The mouse thing, it is making me crazy. I'm sure every time I turn around, I'm going to see that thing. It freaks me out. OK, I need to stop writing about it now as I'm getting ready to go to bed. More about that later...Like in the morning... I was pinging off the walls when I got home. CAFFEINE!! So, I decided to clean my bedroom. I mean, clean it. Pulled out all the furniture. Went through the closet and got rid of shoes and clothes. I hope I won't want those back when the caffeine high is gone. Nah.... It will just give me an excuse to go back to J. Crew.
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