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Saturday, February 18, 2006
The Airport
Recently, most of my air travel has been in the company of my boss. She's Persian and her Passport lists her country of birth as Iran. Here's where the fun begins. Please, don't try to tell me that racial profiling doesn't occur. She's obviously from the Middle-East. That doesn't make her a terrorist. Needless to say, every time we go through security she's tagged and pulled off to the side for an extensive search. Most of the time I am too. Either I'm guilty by association, or they're thinking they should pull someone who doesn't look foreign. I've had some pretty thorough searches at several airports. Any more thorough and I'm thinking they should at least buy me a drink first before they get any more personal! I've had my luggage scan positive for potential explosives. What? So, of course, the suitcase is opened up and searched. Naturally, nothing explosive is found. When nothing is found, I inquire as to what triggered the positive for explosives and was told that many common household items are similar to the components found in explosives. Really? I need to be more cautious with my deodorant then. If I ever spontaneously combust, blame the Lady Mitchum in my toiletry bag. I've been asked, "Did anyone place anything in your luggage without your knowledge?" Hello! Without my knowledge??? How would I know the answer you if it was done without my knowledge? Did Bush write that question?
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