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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Are You More...?
Are you more... 01) A harsher critic of others or a harsher critic of yourself? Myself, most definitely. I am probably too forgiving and easy on others, for the most part. 02) One who thinks stealing is the bigger sin or one who thinks lying is the bigger sin? Stealing. 03) Fond of crayons for colouring or fond of paint for colouring? I will admit to liking both. I have my own big box of crayons and a grown-up coloring book too. 04) Someone who thinks they have all the tools they could need or someone who thinks you barely have the minimum number of tools to get by? Are we talking real,actual tools- like the kind you buy at Lowes? Good God, I am not very handy in that department. 05) McDonald's or Burger King? Ewww, neither. 06) Obsessive compulsive or whatever happens, happens? OCD all the way, baby. But not about everything, just my certain things. 07) One who enjoys the company of small children (playing with blocks) or one who enjoys the company of senior citizens (playing bridge)? I like little kids, especially if I get to send them home with their mommy at the end of the fun time. 08) Someone who will vacuum-seal food before putting it in the freezer or someone who will just put it in the freezer? Oh no- this is where I have to admit that I have a vacuum sealer and I love it. I have a special canister for my coffee that I can re-seal every day. Just a part of my OCD! 09) More proud of your belches or more proud of your flatulence? neither. Okay, maybe belches on the rare occasion that I drink a beer. 10) Possessed of a soothing voice or possessed or an order-barking voice? I can do either one.
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