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Friday, March 31, 2006
TOP TEN Things
Top Ten Things Overheard During George W. Bush's Trip To Cancun 10. "Feels great to get away after three straight weeks of work" 9. "As president of the United States, I pledge to do whatever's necessary to help the Cancunians!" 8. "Couldn't we have stayed home and gone to Chi-Chi's?" 7. "Cozumel? Isn't that the chick I made Secretary of State?" 6. "When do I get to meet Zorro?" 5. "Holy crap, how'd they move these pyramids from Egypt?" 4. "I'll have a non-alcoholic pina colada...just kidding, juice me up, Pepe!" 3. "NAFTA? Don't they make auto parts?" 2. "Secret service! He's choking on a nacho" 1. "Once you get a little buzz going, my poll numbers don't look so bad" Answering questions in Washington at a forum before he left, he joked, "No Speedo here." And while the audience giggled at the image of a commander-in-chief in a tight swimsuit, he added, "Thankfully."
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