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Thursday, March 30, 2006
If you want to know why I have these photos up, you can go see Kristine at Random and Odd here... 1. Your Washer and Dryer.

Posted by Picasa They aren't the super-duper front loaders I was dreaming of, but they are new and in my laundry room with a window. (I'm a sick individual and I love washing things.)

The bonus is, the laundry room is upstairs along with all of the bedrooms and bathrooms. No climbing stairs with laundry baskets in hand. It is the best thing ever! As you can tell, I have my "found change" jar on top of the dryer. I figure any money I find while going through the pockets is all mine- like a tip for washing the clothes. 2. Your Robe (if you don’t have one of these…wait, how can you live without a robe? NO ONE should ever have to live life without a robe! GO BUY ONE!) I love this robe! It is my warm weather robe. I have some equally wonderful matching PJ pants. In the winter I have one of those thick white Frette spa robes- just like you get on a cruise ship or luxury hotel. It weighs about 10 pounds. And no, I did not steal it on my last vacation! 3. A flower (it’s sposta be spring remember?) Posted by Picasa

Okay, it is too early in the season for this to be blooming...I took it last year- but it is gorgeous and I wanted to share.

flowers everywhere...
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