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Friday, April 14, 2006
No, I am not 40! I always thought the recommedation for having your first mammogram was at age 40. But after my general practice physician and OB/GYN suggested I have one done, I did it. I'd hate to put it off, only to find out later that I shouldn't have. If not just for myself, for my son. If I died, he'd have to go live with his father! So I went today and had it done. Don't listen to the horror stories they tell about it. It was a piece of cake, and didn't hurt in the least. Honest! Now, I know I have a high pain tolerance, but there wasn't even an indication of anything even slightly painful. B told me it was all in the RT (radiological technologist), and if they had a good technique. I suppose she'd know, she did mammograms about a million years ago when she was in the Air Force.

So go and visit The Breast Cancer Site and help fund free mammograms. (No, it is not an urban legend!)

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