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Friday, April 14, 2006
Stuff Portrait Friday
This week on SPF, Kristine is doing a PC version of Easter. Go visit her at Random and Odd to find out more.
You can click on any of the photos to view in a larger window.
1. Your Peeps - introduce us to some of your friends outside of the blog world.
A group of about 7 of us got together and went on a cruise. We spent the week drinking and sunning- my kind of vacation!

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2. Something Fuzzy - *shaking head* you guys keep it clean.

Gatsby was sitting so nicely out on the deck, just sunning herself...until-

She caught sight of the "evil taunting squirrel." And then proceeded to jump up into one of the trees- the last time she did that, we ended up taking her to the vet when she hurt her paw. I made her get down...so she gazed longingly- just itching for a taste of the ETS (evil taunting squirrel.) Posted by Picasa

She finally gave up and laid back down on "her" lounger. But not without getting her nails dirty- and she had just been given a bath!

Posted by Picasa 3. Something/Someone you want to dye/die - Yeah, shut up, you’ve thought of it!

More of a place I want to go when I die. My wishes are to be cremated and instead of sitting on someone's mantle, I'll take a beautiful crypt like this. Unless I can come up with someplace perfect to have my ashes sprinkled!

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