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Monday, April 24, 2006
Sleep Pose?

I am a tandem cycle! Tandem Cycle Traits and Tendencies

Tandem Cyclists are the stars of the sleeping world. Tan, relaxed, and wind-swept, they're always smiling bright, no matter what blows life deals. Disease, public speaking, automotive failure - they take it all in stride, thanks to the steadying power of spending night after night with a best-loved mate at their backs. Comfort Zone Tandem Cycle Pose is part of the Sun Sleeper family. A Note about Mattress Care Due to the pose's bouncy mount, the mattress of a typical Tandem Cyclist couple can wear unevenly unless it is both flipped and rotated at least once a week. Find your own pose!

WTF? I wouldn't say I sleep like that, but what do I know, I'm asleep? I'm certain I sleep very differently when I'm alone vs not. My most favored position involves sleeping diagonally across the bed, with my head at the upper right and feet at lower left. I can take up an entire queen size bed all on my own this way!
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