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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Way Back Wednesday
The Kept Woman has assigned us to find the oldest picture of our family for Way Back Wednesday this week.... It was a rare event in my family that we were all together and sitting still at the same time. I can't think of any pictures at all that have all 4 of the kids and both of the parental units in it. So, I had to go with this classic "Church Directory" photo. It appears that my family was keeping the optometrists in business back in '74. Once again, my mother had some of the grooviest cat-eye glasses in the entire Methodist Church. Way to go Momma! And where were we getting those hairstyles ? The final verdict is still out on whose hair is the worst, but so far I'm thinking it's my dad with the hair that looks like a toupee. (no, it wasn't one!) My big sister's mullet comes in a close second. Me, I'm the cute one, looking somewhat impish, down in the front.

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