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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Are you more... 01) A conscientious lawn mower who cuts it at least once a week or a procrastinating lawn moving avoider who lets it reach nigh jungle level before you cut it? Conscientious, of course. 02) One who likes to have sex while music is playing or one who likes to have sex without any musical distraction? I wouldn't say that music is distracting...if you're concentrating on the music, well...something's not going right! 03) The kind of person who would have a fire (bonfire or in a firebowl) despite local laws prohibiting them or the kind of person who wouldn't because, hey, they're illegal? I like fires. I also have a firebowl. 04) A hard-spot-to-get weed-whacker user or an "if the lawn mower can't reach it, it's not getting cut" type? Whack-em 05) Preferring of wooden decks or preferring of stone / formed concrete blocks / brick decks? I have a deck on this house but I've had a flagstone patio before. 06) A fan of winter sports (hockey, skating, curling) or summer sports (baseball, golf, volleyball)? Summer, all the way. 07) Happy with your neighbours or unhappy with your neighbours? My neighbors are sweet and watch out for me. 08) One who tries to shoo away bees / run away from them or one who leaves them alone knowing they'll just go away once they realize you're not a flower and not a threat? I actually like bees. 09) A lover of structured fun or a lover of unstructured fun? Fun is fun...I don't need structure in that department. 10) Selfish with your possessions or selfish with your personal time? I like my personal time.
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