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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
To Tell The Truth
This week's offering from The Irish Church Lady- OK I will remind the returning players and for the benefit of the newcomers how this works. You must pick one or the other from each item below. Either state which applies most to you or state your preference. If neither or both apply to you then for the sake of silliness you score a point. (Hold on - Points are bad)! At the end you figure out your total score by subtracting your points from 10. Okey dokey? As always, the score result you end up with is based on a very scientific survey (I'll give you the link when I find it in my head, 'k) Ya and tell us your score / results or we have to figure it out. 51..soup or salad? salad 52..boxers or briefs? Um, neither. Thankfully, none of the women I know wear boxers. I'd be very afraid! My son is a strict devotee of the boxer-brief. How's that for TMI? ;-) 53..pushup bra or pull in the reinforcements? Neither. Just leave the girls alone... 54..money or kicks? Kicks! 55..blog or snooze? See these dark circles under my eyes? Blog. 56..escargots or frogs legs? Escargot, although I've had both. 57..next purchase or last purchase? Last purchase. I like to savor. 58..funny silly or funny smutty? Both! 59..Christmas or Easter? Christmas 60..turkey or ham? I hate them both, but ham more so. What got me on to those last two I dunno. 'k so what's your score mean? You're dying to know! "Oh I love your scientific survey's Church Lady! Please tell me!" 9-10 - You've got class but can get down 'n dirty with the best of 'em. 5 - 8 - The power of suggestion always works. Let's all sing now "Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad" 0 - 4 - Je ne sais pas. Je ne m'inquiète pas. There's a doggy in my bed. It appears that I've scored a six this week....Hmmm...
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