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Monday, May 01, 2006
First Day Of May
May is one of my favorite months. That is, if I can ignore all the hubub here in Indianapolis about the Indy 500. I'm telling you, it overtakes this place. It's all you hear about.... Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. So, I'm trying to tune it all out. Today is also May Day. It's not really celebrated much here, but in England celebrations involve crowning a May Queen and dancing around the Maypole. I lived for several years in Hawaii, and there today is celebrated as Lei Day. Everyone wears flower garlands, or leis and there is hula dancing and a Lei Queen crowned. I wish I had some photos of some of the beautiful leis I received each year.
First of May (James Taylor) And the light between us Which we could not quite extinguish Which we see at dawn Burns on First day of May Things are beginning Our side is winning Hip hip hooray Made in the shade Deep in the shadow Down by the meadow Lie in my arms And the moon will rise Before our very eyes We will rise too I'll be with you It's a rite of spring A horizontal thing The sweetest sort of dance Hidden in among the plants Ha ha ha ha People are laughing Children are singing Come join the dance And the walls around us Which we kept at such a cost When we turned around Came tumbling down Ha ha ha ha She can't stop laughing He can't stop singing First day of May
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