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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Some Meme
*10 FAVORITES* 1) Favorite Colors: Red 2) Favorite Food: Right now I'm going with fresh strawberries 3) Favorite Musical Group: The Beatles 4) Favorite Song right now: Bad Day 5) Favorite Movie: Out of Africa 6) Favorite Sport: Kayaking 7) Favorite Season: SUMMER!!!! 8) Favorite Day Of the Week: Thursday 9) Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Raspberry Avalanche 10) Favorite Time of Day: I can't say I have one. ~9 CURRENTS~ 1) Current Mood: I was relatively cranky earlier this afternoon. I overdid it with my shoulder and it started really hurting again and I hate rainy Sundays. 2) Current Taste: Taste of what? 3) Current Clothes: White long-sleeve T-shirt and a pink jacket, jeans and pink and white Pumas. 4) Current Desktop: I'm on my desktop now so it is something my son placed on here- a Green Day logo. 5) Current Music: KD Lang's Crying on my Yahoo Messenger Radio 6) Current Time: 5:49 PM 7) Current Surroundings: My home office, the desk I've been sorting through papers on for the last hour or so. 8) Current Thoughts: I'm not going to want to eat dinner. 9) Current Status: Status of what? *8 FIRSTS* 1) First Best Friend: Trina, my neighbor when I was 3 2) First Kiss: My first boyfriend, Paul 3) First Screen Name: IMeMeMine (It's from a Beatles song) 4) First Pet: a border collie named Princess 5) First Piercing: First, last and only- my ears for my 9th birthday. 6) First Crush: Of someone famous? Olivia Newton John in the movie Grease circa. 1979 7) First Music: First record single I bought with my own money- Blondie, The Tide is High. 8) First Love: That is really hard to say. ~7 LASTS~ 1) Last Cigarette: Never, and always will be that way. 2) Last Drink: Last night with dinner, and after dinner. 3) Last Car Ride: Out to run errands today. 4) Last Kiss: No sure. 5) Last Movie Seen: In the theater, Cache- at home, The Sixth Sense 6) Last Phone Call: B 7) Last CD Played: I have an IPod, so I don't play CDs often. However, I did pull out my Magical Mystery Tour CD the other week to show my son. *6 HAVE YOU EVERS* 1) Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: Ugh, yes. Too many times. 2) Have You Ever Broken the Law: Has anybody not? 3) Have You Ever Been Arrested: Not even close, I have an innocent looking face! LOL 4) Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: On more than one occasion 5) Have You Ever Been on TV: Yes 6) Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Yes ~5 THINGS~ 1) 1 Thing You're Wearing: Same thing I was wearing 5 minutes ago 2) 1 Thing You've Done Today: Had lunch with my parents 3) 1 Thing You're Listening To Right Now: KD Lang's Crying on my Yahoo Messenger Radio 4) 1 Thing You Can't Live Without: Oxygen. 5) 1 Thing You Do When You're Bored: I'm never bored. *4 PLACES YOU'VE BEEN TODAY* 1. My bed. 2. My sofa to watch the news and read the paper. 3. Target 4. BMV to renew my car regisration ~3 PEOPLE YOU CAN TELL ANYTHING TO~ 1. B 2. 3. As you can tell, I don't say much to anyone. I don't know if anyone knows everything about me. I'm horribly private. I know, hard to believe! But all of this is just "on the surface" stuff. *2 CHOICES* 1. Black or White: Are we talking clothing? Black 2. Hot or Cold: Hot! ~1 THING YOU WANT TO DO~ 1. Get a new job, soon.
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