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Sunday, June 11, 2006
A Needy Meme
Hop on over to Google search, put in your name, followed by the word, "needs." Then, take the first ten sentences that make sense, and write them in your journal/blog. 1. Lisa needs braces . (no thanks, I've already had them and my teeth are fine. This was the most common result and a reference from "The Simpsons".) 2. Lisa needs a tree. (I love trees, how about a weeping cherry? Could you come and plant it too?) 3. Lisa needs a family that can provide stability, love and structure for her. (Am I up for adoption? I'm a bit old for that.) 4. Lisa needs help! (Sure- send some now- hired help, a maid perhaps.) 5. Lisa need to get a life. (Ouch) 6. Lisa needs to ditch her bangs. (but then what would hide my huge forehead?) 7. Lisa needs Bearcat love. (Um, excuse me?) 8. Lisa needs a book. (Lisa always needs a book!) 9. Lisa needs a slap. (Not if you want to keep the hand that did it.)
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