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Friday, June 02, 2006
Okay- this week Kristine over at Random and Odd has given us the following challenge: 1. Something ‘Sparkly’ 2. Something ‘Dull’ 3. Something ‘Colorful’ By Thursday night, I am really tired. So, I went with shooting at only one location to get my shots for this week. It was yucky and raining out anyhow, so outdoor shooting was out of the question. Also, I was too damn lazy to go get my tripod, so sorry for the blurriness, especially on the pencil shot. Let's just call it "artistic", not lazy, okay? Ladies and Gentlemen of SPF, I give you.... Items from my desk for my SPF this week. Sparkly- this is a tiny little slug-bug clock that sits on my desk.

Dull- This is most certainly a pencil that belongs to my son. He presses so hard when he writes and never sharpens them. If I'm using a pencil, it has to be razor-sharp.

Colorful- my ready-reference color-wheel covers all of the bases of color. I love playing with that thing, they've always fascinated me. I must be easily entertained!

My desk that these are sitting on is actually black, but my walls are deep red. I like the way the color reflected off the wall and on to the desktop.

So, did you play? Let me know and I'll come and visit yours (when I'm sprung from work!) Also, stop by and see our hostess with the mostest- Kristine and wish her a happy June!

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