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Monday, January 30, 2006
Monday's a Bitch
Installment #3 of the 7 Deadly Sins
We're a couple of days from the beginning of February, the month of giggles and sappy goodness or nausea and irritation depending on your personality In light of this, I thought that it would be an appropriate time for this particular deadly sin (and my personal favourite of course): Lust 1. In your opinion, what separates a healthy sexual appetite from being a slut? I think one-night-stands are a big no-no. At least in my book. I feel there has to be a mental bond there for the sexual aspect to be there, and it can't be there with a person you've known for a few hours. 2. Would you date a really nice, attractive, person with herpes? No, I wouldn't. I am really scared of STD's. I know herpes is a relatively common venereal disease, and while not deadly, has no cure. I've known people who've kept their herpes a secret from their sexual partner and I cannot abide such deception about such a serious thing. 3. Have you ever experienced coyote ugly? No, never. 4. What’s the lowest you’ve stooped to get the object of your desire? Hey, I'm a lady and that means I never stoop. 5. Who do your loins burn for? Un-uh...I plead the 5th here!
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