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Friday, February 17, 2006
Studio Friday

"Pick your poison"

That is something I often say...

My poison is wine. I love it. As of late, my "poison" of choice is Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio.

"There are days when solitude, for someone my age, is a heady wine that intoxicates you with freedom, others when it is a bitter tonic, and still others when it is a poison that makes you beat your head against the wall." - Colette

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  • At 2/18/2006 02:33:00 AM, Anonymous Carrie

    Great post! Welcome to SF!

  • At 2/18/2006 08:18:00 AM, Blogger kelly

    hi lisa! welcome to sf...i
    live just up the road in
    crawfordsville! sf is a
    very nice place to hang out!

  • At 2/19/2006 12:34:00 AM, Blogger Lisa Marie

    I go through wine phases...I'm not in one at the moment, which accounts for the two bottles sitting in my kitchen just waiting for someone to drink them. :} Also, love your site design...especially the drawing up at the top of the page! She's beautiful!


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