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Friday, February 03, 2006
Four For Friday
FOUR FOR FRIDAY Q1 - Have You: Ever attempted to put together your family tree? If so, how far back were you able to go? If not, would you like to put one together? I didn't have to put it together as other members of my family had already done so. It goes back to around the 1770's. Q2 - Would You: Like it if first-run movies were released on DVD and/or Pay-Per-View at the same time as they are released in theatres? If so, do you think you would watch more movies at home, or would you continue to see first-run movies only in the theatre? I don't feel first-run movies should play simultaneously at the theater and home release. I'd much rather see an excellent film in the theater than at home. It would be fine to release on DVD immediately after the end of the theater run. Q3 - Should You: See a doctor more often? If so, what's stopping you? If not, how often do you have a check-up or physical? I see my doctor very regularly. I've been way more often than I like this past year. Q4 - Could You: Survive living on the streets of your town for an entire month with no access to any of your money or other assets? Why or why not? How about access to money of my friends? Does that count? If not, then no I could not survive. I wouldn't make a good beggar.
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