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Thursday, February 02, 2006
3X Thursday
3x Thursday: 02/02/y2k+6: Randomness 1. "I hate it when ________________. " Why? I hate it when people show every emotion as anger. Anger is such a negative and contagious emotion that can block out everything else in life. It does have its time and place of course. I have the connotation that anger can equal being hurt, physically and/or mentally. 2. What makes you feel violated? Why? If my voice is not heard, my basic needs not respected. I don't ask for much so when I do it means it is something very important to me. I'm not going to say why... 3. Do you ever have reoccuring dreams? Can you remember any of them? Do tell! I don't really have recurring dreams. They're all usually fresh and new, and bizarre. Bonus Question for Comments: Ever feel like you need to post a sticky on your forehead that says, "GO AWAY!" ? Yes, I most certainly do!
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