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Sunday, February 05, 2006
Sunday Morning
It's Sunday. I've always disliked Sunday. I have no idea why. It's better than a work day, that's for certain. There's just something a tad bit depressing about Sunday. I'm the worst kind of good-girl; one with a bad-girl lurking right underneath... I dreaded getting up every Sunday morning for church. Every Sunday. Not just church service but for years I assisted my mother in teaching 4 year olds Sunday School. But I digress... I started thinking about Sunday as it is Super Bowl Sunday and everyone is talking about how much liquor is consumed today. There's an odd law on the books in this state that liquor cannot be sold on Sunday. I have no idea why. The liquor made me think of the day I was with my son at Trader Joe's Grocery Store. He and I love that place. Anyhow, he fancies himself as a wine expert. He's looking around on the shelves checking for Sock Eye Pinot Noir or Cloud Nine Pinot Noir. He thinks I'd like it. There was an elderly gentleman there listening to us and said, "There's a Pinot Noir here, but I don't know if it's any good or not." We didn't see either one of his two suggestions so we had to go elsewhere. I ended up buying the Sock Eye and my son told me I couldn't drink it yet as it needs to age. When we got home I went to put it in the wine rack in my dining room. He said, "You're not going to put it in there, are you?" He said the light and heat would ruin it and I should put it in the basement. He knows all of this because he assisted his father in building a wine cellar in his home. Okaaaay.... Can you say precocious?
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