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Sunday, March 05, 2006
New Tattoo
I went and had my "birthday" tattoo yesterday. Better late than never! This was my first tattoo. Everyone was warning me about the pain involved. I kept waiting for it to hurt, but it never did. I was surprised, because I hate needles. I didn't really look at it as a needle though, I see it more as an ink pen. Either I'm getting over my fear of needles or I'm rationalizing. Either way, it worked for me! I rather enjoyed it. I might consider another one. I have an idea of what I would want. I just don't know where I'd put it. It appears that the photo didn't flash, but the general idea is there. The white in the center didn't show up, but then again, my skin is rather red around the area. (Yes, I am wearing pajama pants in the picture- It's Sunday morning for crying out loud and I'm entitled!)

I wasn't sure if I was going to tell my son or not. I told him on the phone on the way back from having it done and he dropped the phone. I'm not certain that it fits into his idea of "motherly" appearance, but no one can see it unless I show it. He's rather conservative, as far as appearances go. He commented to me the other day the a woman he had met had on too much eye liner. What kid notices that?

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