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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Wednesday Mind Hump
1. Who's the better pig - Babe, or the pig from Charlotte's Web (can't remember his name)? I prefer Babe- he was cute (for a pig). 2. What's your favorite pork-related food, if you eat pork? I haven’t really been eating pork, but when I did, I made a great lo-mein with pork tenderloin, fresh snow peas, carrots and lo mein noodles in a sesame-ginger sauce. 3. When you want to get a pig's attention, you yell "SOOOOOOEEEE!" What should we yell to get YOUR attention? How about “Hot woman at 3 o’clock” (just kidding) or “would you like another glass of wine?” 4. Random, non-pig question: Do you watch American Idol? If I’m forced to watch it, I will, but I’m not really into it.
Wednesday Mind Hump
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