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Sunday, April 09, 2006
Sunday Six
A new game I found, and here are the rules: The game is called "Sunday Six". Basically, I'll post 6 questions on Thursday or Friday and you get to post the answers to these questions on Sunday! The trick to the game... You have to get the answers from your kids! When you have youngins like mine, you get some really fun answers! OK - so you don't have "kids"... Make it up! Ask your pet, your drunk roommate, your neighbor's kids, your elderly grandparents, your nieces and nephews, anyone! Heck, answer them yourself like you are a five year old! Whatever works! Post the answers on Sunday, and let me know if you played. Anyone can play - feel free to visit others who have played! Just like any game in the blogging universe! So here are the answers from my 13 year-old son. As he has finally decided to grace me with his presence and get up out of bed. I can tell he's been on Spring Break all week! 1. What planet do you live on? Um...Pluto...Why not? 2. What happens if you don't eat all your dinner? Um...I go back to the cupboard and eat something 5 minutes later. 3. What happens when you are sick? I, uh, like cough up junk. 4. What makes a rainbow? Sunlinght colliding off the water or something like that. 5. Do you know everything there is to know? No.(I can't believe he said this.) I know most. (Okay, that sounds more like him!) 6. What do you want to be when you grow up? (This week) a marine engineer. Last week it was a meteorologist/engineer.
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