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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
This Pretty Much Sums It Up
BAD DAY (Daniel Powter)

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It's getting a little difficult to remain my normal ( I use that term loosely!) chipper self. I'm typically an optimist, but I have a few personal things that are really starting to get me down. I find them too personal to write about in here, for reasons that are better left un-explained. Because if I explained the reasons, I'd be saying too much.

The good news is, I may have one of those worrisome items removed from my burden this afternoon. Either that, or I will have some worse news. I'd like to know, either way. I'm one of those people that can handle just about anything, as long as I know what I'm handling.

Somehow, my son came upon the topic of his father and I being locked in a room together for hours on end. I know what it was, he imagined that the ex and I were doing the NPR member drive together. (He's got such a vivid imagination!) He decided that after so long, his father would end up dead. I asked him why and he said he'd drive me crazy and I'd be forced to kill him. (He's not serious!) I asked why it wouldn't be the other way around, and he told me that I'm tougher than his father is. Which is so funny, as his father is an ex-Marine, former stockbroker and VP of a major bank. And I'm tougher, in his eyes. My son went on to explain that people expect his father to be tough, but they look at me and can't see past the surface, so I catch them off guard.

That kid and I have some fascinating conversations, to say the very least!

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