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Sunday, June 25, 2006
A Few Quizzes
You Are Beer!
You don't need to get totally wasted when you hit the bars. More of a social drinker, you just like to have fun with your friends. And as long as the beer keeps flowing, you're a happy camper. But don't mix things up: "Beer Before Liquor, Never Been Sicker!"
What Alcoholic Drink Are You?

I do not like beer. Yuck!

Your Body Image is 4% Unhealthy, 96% Healthy
You have a great body image. You know that no one looks perfect, and you're happy the way you are. Also, you don't judge other people on their looks... and it helps them feel better about their own bodies!
How's Your Body Image?
You Are 61% Indie
You're a very indie person, and admit it, you look down a little on people who strive to be normal. You'll indulge in a little mainstream pop culture every now and then. But for you, anything not indie is a guilty pleasure!
How Indie Are You?

I would have never guessed that I would score this high. I do my own thing, but not in your "typical" indie way. Does that make me an indie indie?

Your Summer Ride is a Beetle Convertible
Fun, funky, and a little bit euro. You love your summers to be full of style and sun!
What's Your Summer Ride?
Slug Bug silver!
That sounds like an accurate assesment of me... I like the Mini Cooper convertible and I've been missing my old Jeep Wrangler lately.
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  • At 6/25/2006 09:56:00 AM, Blogger Montanus

    Great minds think alike. I drive a Jeep Wrangle, my wife drives a Jeep Liberty, and my daugther and son share a Jeep Cherokee Scout.

  • At 6/25/2006 09:57:00 AM, Blogger Montanus

    My wife loves the mini-Cooper, but living up here in Appalachia, we can't be driving toys. You have to have a serious vehicle on the mountain!

  • At 6/25/2006 09:09:00 PM, Blogger Diana_CT

    Mine came out as......

    You Are Absinthe
    You are a sloppy drunk, purposely so
    If drinking doesn't make you feel crazy, it's not any fun
    Truth be told, you tend to prefer drugs to drinking
    But you'd never pass up any absinthe that came your way!

    They got the "drugs" part right from my college days. But Absinthe, no way!


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