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Monday, June 05, 2006
Just Another Manic Monday
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting What is the worst vacation you've ever been on? It is a toss-up... Two different trips come to mind. One is a trip that was part business and part "fun"--only the fun part wasn't fun at all. I had to go to a seminar to Orlando, Florida with 2 co-workers and my boss. Well, my boss thinks it is "fun" to all share a room, like it is a big slumber party. So there were 4 women in one room. The other 3 snore-- loudly. And to top it off, the boss got dumped via telephone message by her husband. Therefore, she cried all day at Disney World. Just another reason why I don't enjoy the "House of Mouse" anymore. The second trip was a visit to Gulf Shores, Alabama a few years ago. I was excited about it, I'd never been and I love the ocean. We rented a condo right on the beach. Unfortunately, so did B's siblings and mother. Needless to say, I didn't "feel the love" or any of the alleged "Southern hospitality" on that little trip. It was the first (and dare I venture to guess only) time I'd met any of her family. On the first full day there I got one of the worst sunburns I've ever had, plus a latex reaction from the elastic in my suit. I still have the marks from that one. Where did you go on vacations with your family when growing up? I grew up in Indiana, so we went to your typical Midwestern spots. Many of our trips were partially work trips for my father, so we went where his business took him. Lots of trips to Florida and quite a few to Wisconsin there for a while. I specifically recall a trip to Disney World for July 4, 1976- talk about packed! Also, I loved our visit to Mackinac Island, Michigan. I was fascinated by the bridge. If you could set the national speed limit for all highways, what would it be? I know that high speeds are dangerous, but I love to drive fast. I lived in Southern California, where it wasn't uncommon to drive 90 MPH on the 5 or the 405 on a daily basis. It didn't help much that I had a 1965 Mustang at the time that would fly. I also had a Jeep Wrangler then, but it is not enjoyable to drive 90 with the top down. The top was always down because it didn't rain. So, to answer the question, I'll go with a somewhat reasonable 75MPH. If money were no object, would you rather fly or drive on a vacation? Fly, most certainly. I get really carsick. Not a fun way to go...
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