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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Manic Monday
Hot Topics If you were determining who could immigrate here, would you let in those who you thought would contribute the most to our country or those in the most need of refuge? I am concerned that the backlash from all of the illegal immigration that has gone on for far too long will lead to the U.S. becoming too insular, just as Japan has done. I worry about the U.S. becoming a xenophobic nation and forgetting what our Founding Fathers had intended for this great nation. I feel our diversity is also our strength. Nonetheless, it will be a difficult path to navigate to set up appropriate standards and regulations for controlling the influx of immigrants. Would you vote for a political candidate who was honest, competent, and concurred with your position on most issues if you also knew she was an alcoholic who was promiscuous? I found this to be an interesting question. I feel that being honest and competent are contradictory qualities to being an alcholic and promiscuous, qualities that cannot co-exsist. The candidate may appear on the surface to be those positive attributes, but in reality, it would only be a facade. So, no, I would not vote for that candidate
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