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Sunday, June 11, 2006
You scored 36 Right-Brain, 9 Left-Brain, and 63 Dual-Thinking!
Which category did you score highest in? That's your dominant brain hemisphere. Only about 2% of the population are "whole brain" thinkers. Most people have a strong preference for either left brain or right brain thinking. If you scored highest in: Left brain: You're more likely to use logic when making decisions. You enjoy analyzing situations, and don't mind paying attention to detail. You're effective at recognizing patterns and developing strategies, and tend to be cautious about taking risks. You may not have confidence in your ability to draw pictures well. Right brain: You're an intuitive thinker, and can see the "big picture." You're more likely to be artistic and creative. You are also more likely to understand and enjoy symbolism, spirituality, and philosophy. You enjoy drawing pictures. Dual-brain: Your brain hemispheres communicate with each other effectively, making you highly adaptable to many situations. Read the other two descriptions and evaluate how the ability to think of both the literal and the figurative have helped you make difficult decisions and to learn tough topics in your past.
This test tracked 3 variables. How the score compared to the other people's:
Higher than 39% on Right-Brain
Higher than 0% on Left-Brain
Higher than 93% on Dual-Thinking
Link: The What Kind of Brain Are You Test written by MsTerious1 on Ok Cupid
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