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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
TTT or PYP - Part Neuf
Tell the Truth or Pick your Preference If you play, go tell Irish Church Lady!
Pick one or the other from each item below. Either state which applies most to you or state your preference. (if you're a lady and it's a guy thing, pick your preference) If neither or both apply or you can't pick only one preference then for the sake of total wackiness you lose a point. Your starting points are 10. To see what your score means read below. 81..rollercoasters or scary movies?
rollercoasters 82..turkey or roast beef? neither. 83..watch TV or listen to music? listen to music. 84..garden or play a sport? Sports- must be why my garden looks so bad! 85..golf or tennis? Tennis- but I haven't played in a long time. Golf is too slow paced for me. 86..candy or gum? Candy but only if it is dark chocolate. 87..flirt or play hard to get? Hard to get. 88..butt or chest? Butt 89..lock your keys in your car or leave your lights on? Leave my lights on. It is nearly impossible to lock my keys in my car as I have a "clicker." 90..waterski or sail? Sail- I'm a terrible at skiing. I scored a 9! How scary!! So what's your score and what does it mean? It's very logical (in ICL's mind, anyways): 9 -10 - You've got it all figured out dontcha? ~ such that your funeral must already be prearranged. 5 - 8 - You win some, you lose some! Oh well, what's fer dinner, anyways? 0 -4 - Trouble follows you everywhere, or maybe you just like looking for it! Here Trouble, Trouble, Trouble ... Here kitty, doggy, poochy, GPiggy, hammy, snakey, spidey, froggy, ferret, chinchilla .... or whatever you are!
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