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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Are You More?
Are you more... 01) Banjo for the fun, danceable sound or violin for the soulful, spirit-lifting sound? I love the violin. The banjo tends to get on my nerves. 02) Bus/subway for cheapness and ecological responsibility or cab for door to door convenience? I'm a naughty little American. The city I live in has a deplorable public transportation system for its size. However, if I'm in a city that has workable public transportation, I'll take both the train and a cab, depending on the situation. 03) Paper grocery bags for the capacity and biodegradableness or plastic grocery bags for the convenience and reusability? I love paper bags. Oddly enough, I like how they smell. 04) Liking fruit that you peel (bananas, oranges, etc.) or fruit that you don't peel (apples, pears, etc.)? Fruit that you don't peel, by and large. 05) Expensive 3-ply Kleenex or discount 2-ply Kleenex? You can't cheap-out on tissues! I want them soft. 06) Super soft toilet paper to be cushy on your widdle bum or rough, no-nonsense toilet paper to be sure to get yourself clean? Only cushy. What a question! 07) Watching fake wrestling (WWE, for example) for the kitchy drama or watching real fighting (boxing, UFC, etc.) for the realness? I don't like either one. 08) Coy about telling people what you want when asked ("Oh I don't need anything.") or upfront about telling people what you want when asked ("I would LOVE a new watch.")? If I'm asked, I'll tell what I want. 09) Believing NASA is amazing for inventing the Space Pen (works in no gravity) or believing NASA is stupid for not doing like the Russians who just use pencils? Space pen=waste of research dollars. 10) A Spanky fan or an Alfalfa fan? Spanky, I suppose.
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  • At 7/26/2006 02:53:00 PM, Anonymous Deltus

    I love how paper grocery bags smell, too! And thanks for actually "getting it" with regards to the Space Pen. Most people just won't see it, even when you explain it point-blank.

    Thanks for playing again!


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