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Friday, July 28, 2006

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Kristine over at Random and Odd is on it this week. She's had this week's assignment up since last week and she's got a new look on her site. Go over and see it while you're at it- it's fabulous!

Something mean looking

Okay, so it's not a real snake. I still did a double take when I first saw this at my mom and dad's house. My father found this stick floating in the river and thought it looked just like a snake, so he picked it up and painted eyes on it. Perfect for his warped sense of humor! Now I know where I get it!!

Your weapons

I keep this big-ass flashlight next to my bed...And I'm not afraid to use it!

Weapon #2- My eyes. Trust me, they can shoot daggers if necessary. Posted by Picasa

Weapon #3- My mouth, or more appropriately, my words- but you can't really take a picture of words so you get this slightly frightening photo instead. And, no- I don't bite...Much. (Yes, I know I have a huge mouth)

Sorry, but that's all the weapons I can show you right now. A girl's got to have her secrets, you know... ;-)

Your hiding place

I don't hide in the bookshelf itself... I have always found books as my great escape in life. I can go anywhere, be anyone-if only for a short time- while I'm reading a book. Nothing else has the power to transport me like the written word does. I become immersed in the novel and the real world melts away around me.

If you leave your link (and a comment, of course!) I'd be happy to come and visit your SPF too. Have a great weekend everyone!
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