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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
I want to be left alone...
Or, at the very least- I don't want to go to the damn post office.
What are we to do with all those pesky 37 cent stamps we have stuffed in desk drawers? Why must the U.S. Postal Service put us through the tediousness of a 2 cent rate hike? Why 39 cents? What study chose 39 over 40? Every time the rate is raised we must trudge to the Post Office and stand in an eternal queue to buy trifling little one or two cent stamps. If you are creative (or don't give a damn about wasting money) you can use up your remaining old stamps and place adequate postage on your mail by putting 2 stamps on each letter until the oldies are gone.
Why have I given this so much thought? What else was I supposed to do while I was in line at the Post Office today?
I guess if two cent stamps are my biggest challenge in my life today- I am doing pretty damn fine!
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