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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
My Sucky Tuesday
Now that's an enticing post title, isn't it? I'm so tired today. I think I'm still getting over being sick last week. Or maybe I'm getting sick again. I certainly hope not. It didn't help that I was out way too late last night. Ten o'clock is way too late for me as I usually go to bed around the time toddlers do. Anyhow, I was out last night being wined and dined (literally 3 drinks and 3 hours later) and had to come home and wind down before sleeping. I suppose having 2 Bailey's and coffees before bed was a bad idea. So today I was dragging. Tuesdays are usually a hectic day at work and it seems as if all the nutcases were coming out of the woodwork today and they wanted to talk to me. On top of that, one staff member didn't show up to work and the boss (yes, the boss lady) was 25 minutes late. Not the greatest way to start the week. For some reason, my neck and back are causing me excruciating pain right now. My chest hurts (from stress most likely) and my bra underwire is digging into my tender bits of flesh. I took some aspirin (yes- aspirin, not tylenol or advil- I was worried to mix that with the drinks I had the night before and trash my liver.) to dull the ache this morning. It didn't work. Oh yes, and I got an email from the school telling me my son is not turning in his homework and is going to get failing grades if he keeps that up. My ex-husband is calling me wanting to send the kid off to military school. I spent my evening helping said son catch up on his homework. He had to do a poster for Catholic School Week (long story, a whole other post someday as to why he goes to Catholic school) as to how my son is like Jesus in physical, family, educational and spiritual ways. JFC- how do I know??? What crazy shit is that? (If you are easily offended you may want to stop reading...About 2 paragraphs ago) I think that is about it. I'll quit bitching now. You can thank me later....
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