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Friday, February 17, 2006
Friday Fandango
Due to a particularly wretched day at the office, you find yourself working much later than usual… mostly because an evil co-worker called you out in front of your boss about an assignment that you've been neglecting to complete. While you're doing your best to get the job done, you retreat to the break room for a caffinated pick-me-up only to discover your evil (and married!) co-worker making out with the guy who stocks the vending machines. You've definitely hit the jackpot with this one. What do you do? A. Do you best imitation of a witch's cackle, making your co-worker think you're planning something evil but just keep the tidbit of info to yourself. You're not evil enough to use it against her but you do enjoy watching her squirm. B. Tell her that this information can be kept secret… for a price. C. Immediately call her husband. What she's doing is wrong and it's your obligation to tell him what you've seen. D. Go back to your desk and bitch about your terrible luck. Not only are you stuck working late but there's no one there to gab about it with… and to top it off, that slut knew you had the hots for the vending machine guy! A- Most definitely. That would appeal to enough to my evil side just to see her squirm. But my nice side wouldn't let me actually do anything with that tidbit of information. I'm not one to tell what I know anyhow. My co-workers come to me to spill their guts because they know my lips are sealed.
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