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Thursday, February 16, 2006
3x Thursday
1. How much TV (movies not included) would you say you watch a week? What type of programs do you watch? I listen to a few minutes of the morning news each weekday but I don't actually sit down and watch it. It's just on in the background while I'm getting ready for work. I do watch the news on the weekend to get caught up on my current evens and try to watch CSI if I can stay awake. 2. What are your favorite shows? Are there certain programs you just can't miss? I'll watch CSI like I said above but if I can't stay awake I just catch it when it reruns. 3. Even if you're not a big TV watcher, are you taking the time to watch any Olympic coverage this week and next week? If so, which sports are you interested in watching? I'm catching bits and pieces. My son is really into skiing and snowboarding so I've seen a bit of that. Bonus Question for Comments: What's your movie watching like at home? Do you watch a lot of movies? Do you have a Netflix/Blockbuster type thing going? If so, do you like it? Why/why not? I do belong to Netflix and I like it. I might watch a movie each week, but lately it's been less than that. It's great to have as long as I want to watch a movie and then pop it into the mail when I'm done. I'm really busy and don't want to take the time to run back and forth to the video store.
3X Thursday
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