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Monday, February 06, 2006
Local commercials
Every place has them. Cheesy local commercials that play over and over. The worst one that's on around here now is one for Hoffmeister Jewelers. Whenever it comes on, I reach for the mute button on the remote. I don't watch very much television, so if I'm seeing it so frequently, what about those who do watch a lot of television? The video to it isn't so horrible- it's the audio. I don't know who sings this song but it's atrocious. It's a man and a woman singing a duet and it's so terribly off key I can't believe whoever is in charge actually approved of it. It has to be a relative of the owner or something. It's just sad. The commercial makes me feel certain that I'll never shop there for fear that the song would be piped into the store and I'd have to hear it over and over....
....Now And Always....
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