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Monday, February 06, 2006
QOTW - 2006/02/06 And the Question of the Week is: In what ways would you would you treat (or have you treated) your children differently than you were treated as a child? (Pretend, for those of us not planning on having children, or those of you who haven't.) I have good parents and I know I'm very fortunate for that. However, I am raising my son slightly different from the way I was raised. One way I differ from my parents is that I try to not shelter him as much as I was. Secondly, my son and I talk about feelings. He knows it is okay to talk to me about how he feels and to express his emotions to me, as long as he stays respectful. If you ask someone in my family how they're doing the answer is always the same, "fine". We're the "Fine Family"....Fine, fine, everything's fine! Lastly, I allow my son to have his own views and opinions. I know those opinions may be very different from my own. I've taught him to respect the opinion of others and to keep an open mind.
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