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Friday, March 10, 2006
Jodie on Ellen
Laying about all week has given me more than the usual time to think. Watching "Flightplan" this week made me recall Jodie's visit to the Ellen Degeneres show last September. I happened to be at home that day and was able to watch it. Here is a recap from the Villiage Voice: JODIE FOSTER's appearance on Ellen this Monday provided a potpourri bowl full of lesbian content—subtextually, anyway. First off, the two ladies admitted they hang out in the same places ("I see you at the market," Jodie interestingly remarked to ELLEN.) Then they talked about Jodie's butch mama character in Flightplan ("This was written for a man," she confessed.) And getting more intimate, they discussed how, when she was the Coppertone girl in a commercial, they'd put treats in Jodie's pants to make the dog pull 'em down. "Does the Coppertone girl still have treats in her pants?" wondered Ellen. "I'm sure she does," exclaimed Jodie, who then got all uncomfortable and smiled, "I don't want to continue with that line of questioning." There's so much I could say here, about the treats in the pants and all...but I'm going to behave and leave it alone. I get a gold star for today!
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